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Sifan Hassan’s ‘Chariot of Fire’: he falls, he gets up, he wins, and he wins again

Sifan Hassan's 'Chariot of Fire': he falls, he gets up, he wins, and he wins again

The Dutch woman begins with a demonstration of tenacity, in the series of 1,500, and of power, in the final of 5,000, her assault to achieve three golds in Tokyo

Sifan Hassan wins at 5,000.ANTONIN THUILLIERAFP

Tokyo already has its Chariot of Fire. Drives it Sifan Hassan, the Dutch athlete who has set herself the challenge of conquering the 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 golds. A huge challenge that forces this prodigy of medium distances to face a strenuous and risk-laden program, given the pitfalls of the middle ground. The Dutchwoman was about to fall in the first one, but she got up to remember one of the most shocking images of the film of Hugh hudson, when Eric Lidell falls and gets up to reach the goal first.

So did Hassan in the 1,500 series. I ran in the second, when when you reached the last lap, the typical struggles occurred when you heard the bell. The athletes positioned themselves to seek classification after a slow race. The Dutch was among the worst stops and rolled on the ground. At 400 meters, to lose that foot is to be out, at least for mortals. She’s not.

The Dutchwoman got up and made a spectacular comeback to overcome all rivals and finish first. If they wanted a show of force, they already have it. If they wanted the public to be won over, too. Too bad that in the Olympic Stadium only the stands and other athletes or officials would contemplate it. It would have lifted the entire stadium, because examples of this type are victories that leave messages: you always have to get up.

Hassan’s feat did not end there. At night, one of his finals closed the session: the 5,000. This time he avoided the risks, with positions in which he had no wear. I waited for his moment, for his change of pace unbearable for the rest. He did not just one in the last 200, but two. In the second, she had no rival to try to follow her. He made a final 400 at 57.36 after a day of racing and scare. Inhuman