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Sheriff – Real Madrid (0-3): Madrid takes the hammer against the Sheriff and achieves a passport to the second round in Transnistria | Champions League 2021

 Sheriff - Real Madrid (0-3): Madrid takes the hammer against the Sheriff and achieves a passport to the second round in Transnistria |  Champions League 2021

Sheriff – Real Madrid (0-3)

The whites sentenced before the break with goals from Alaba and Kroos and they only need a draw against Inter to finish leaders (0-3).

Benzema celebrates the 0-3 against the Sheriff.REUTERS

“The thunder of victory sounds,” he wrote Gavrila derzhavin In honor to Aleksander suvrov in the first national anthem of Russia. Suvrov, ‘most generalsimo’ of the Empire at the end of century XVIII, the great captain of the Russian army who, they say, never lost a battle, gives his name to the main square of Tiraspol, the capital of the Independent Republic of Transnistria, protectorate of Putin with hammer and sickle on the flag, province of Moldova and host of the comfortable triumph of Real Madrid.

On the penultimate night of the Champions League group stage, Alaba and Kroos They paid tribute to Suvrov and shook the thunder of Madrid’s victory with two shots. The hammer and sickle were his. In 1942, Stalin I created the ‘Order Suvrov‘, which rewarded successful actions on superior enemies. That tried the Sheriff, encouraged by a crowd that shouted in Cyrillic chants in memory of the mother country in the stands of the millionaire sports complex that Viktor Gushan and Ilya Kazmaly, the ancients KGB agents and owners of the Sheriff empire. It did not serve against a Madrid that learned the lesson of the defeat of the first leg, as requested Ancelotti, and that only allowed the initial ecstasy of those of Yuriy vernydub. Nothing else.

Madrid started stretching its wings, with Rodrygo and Vinicius making the team fly under the helm of Kroos and Modric. In recent weeks, the Croatian has been playing more than expected and that is appreciated by the Whites, who intertwine their lines and reach three-quarters of the field easier. The band of Carvajal and Rodrygo, with Modric as the third point of the triangle, was the most effective in the first leg of the meeting. The Spanish winger and the Brazilian winger exchange supports and breaks in attack and the Balkan serves as a pitcher. Thus came the best options of the Madrid, with several passes to the holes of Carvajal and Rodrygo that their teammates failed to finish.

By sheer inertia

Benzema Avis with a goal disallowed for offside in the 9th minute, after a shot from Kroos, and Rodrygo defined too soft on Athanasiadis minutes later. Kroos dominated the possession and gradually bottled up the Sheriff out of sheer inertia. Relying too much on the counterattack, aware of its limitations and with the ticket to the Europa League achieved, those of Transnistria they fell back too early, forced by a rival who needed to win so as not to be forced to greater heights in the last match against Inter.

At that beginning of the siege came a severe lack of Costanza on Casemiro on the front, perfect for a southpaw. Last season, the only footballer capable of taking a free kick like this with his left was Asensio, but the signing of David Alaba in summer he has expanded Madrid’s possibilities. The Austrian’s launch hit the net after a defender deflected it and put Ancelotti’s men ahead.

The play of the match

The 0-1, which on other occasions could put the madridistas to sleep, activated even more a squad that I wanted to put the 0-2 as soon as possible. And I did it. Carvajal was able to score after a good combination between Mendy and Benzema and then Kroos, on the edge of halftime, culminated the play of the game with a great goal. Modric filtered for Rodrygo, who started and made a wall with Benzema before leaving the ball dead for the German who, first, delicately pocketed the ball into the squad.

In the second half, Madrid remained relentless, forceful and authoritarian. The rest did not fall like a valium on those of Ancelotti but activated the hunger for goals that the team already demonstrated in grenade. This Madrid, at this time of the season, does not manage efforts nor hesitates when it comes to overwhelming his rival. Benzema scored the 0-3 after the intermission with a good shot from outside the area to ensure, in case there were doubts, the victory.

Kroos, congratulated by his teammates after the 0-2.AFP

There was more than half an hour left, enough to see the less usual, but Ancelotti spent the required changes first. Nacho entered by Praise, he sprains his knee, and White I waited until 83, when Casemiro finally rested. Carletto was not completely trusted, with the ticket to eighths insured. A draw against Inter leave Madrid a leader.

Reference from elmundo