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Sevilla close to the Champions League and Levante from relegation | LaLiga Santander 2021

Sevilla close to the Champions League and Levante from relegation |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The Valencian team came close to equalizing and even missed a penalty, but Lopetegui’s men were able to win four months later away from home.

Lopetegui celebrated the victory.joseph jordanAFP

Sevilla won again from their stadium after beating Levante 2–3 after more than three months, a victory that allows the Andalusian team to move closer to the goal of playing in the next edition of the Champions League. Makes the team a little more distant. Valencians of permanence dream.

There was a lot at stake on the ‘Ciutta de Valencia’ pitch and both teams soon showed their cards. Levante opted for a control game looking to overflow Morales as their main offensive argument, while Sevilla pulled possession and turned their game to the left where takatito Threatened local defense.

The Mexican will be the great hero of this first time with a luxury partner, Argentina ocampos come back to the team. The relationship between the two players was fatal for Levante.

Thus, after a quarter of an hour, the game entered a frantic phase with three goals scored in just ten minutes. Ocampos, in an individual action, took a complicated cross to the second position, where Tecatito won the game against two of his markers to win 0–1.

The reaction of the Valencian team was immediate. He scored in 16 minutes robert pier In an action in which he appears to be offside, but upon review, VAR traces back hands Diego Charles And after watching the play himself, the referee decided to indicate the penalty. Morales not fail, despite what Bono comes to touch the ball, lift the tie.

With hardly any time left to taste the equalizer, Sevilla dealt a fresh blow to the Levante. Once again Ocampos served in the center of the field, where Tecatito took advantage of the fact that his poor control misled his marker and goalkeeper to make 1–2 and sign his first double in the league.

Once the advantage was gained, Seville’s team cut the pace of the match, although they were able to extend their lead before going into the break, with a clear shot. kounde that I rarely went out.

tension in the second part

Levante increased the intensity after passing through the changing room. Sevilla no longer played so comfortably and high pressure from the locals put the Andalusian defence, almost unheard of in the first half.

lopetegui he was desperate on the bench and deeply concerned he saved the tie from his leg melero, There was a party. The match turned into an exchange of blows, with clear opportunities in both areas.

Waterafter losing the ball in the field against Radoja He caught the local midfielder clear and the referee signaled a new penalty, the fifth that had been awarded to Levante in their previous two home games, but this time Morales sent his shot wide.

target credenas Ocampos kept Levante in the match with two superb headers. Rafa Mira.lisi He played a snatch off the bench with a triple change and made two more forwards. Soldier and Cantro. However, Sevilla stopped him dead. Kaund made it 1-3 and finalized the game in the 83rd minute with a corner kick from a nearby post.

Levante did not give up and pulled away from caste and honor. Soldier was the one to balance the game in just two minutes. He narrowed the differences first, completing a counterattack directed by Morales, and soon after was able to equalize after a kick by goalkeeper Bono, which turned out as if it could have ended inside. There wasn’t much time. A disappointed Morales cried at the end of the game.

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