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Serie A: Secret of Deulofu’s takeoff in Italy: “Now I play with a clear mind” | Series A 2021

EL Mundo talks with the top Spanish scorer in Serie A, signing his career-best record with Udinese: 12 goals and four assists. His mental transformation, Regenera, family, work with Barra, injuries and the World Cup: “The selection is the best for me”

Gerard Deulofeu during a match with Udinese.Giuseppe MafiaWorld
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In the avant-garde house in Udine where Gérard Deulofeu (Reuderens, 1994) lives, no one is heard quite like Chris. He is not one and a half years old, but during a conversation with EL Mundo the little boy repeatedly claims his father. Now he doesn’t stop with dad and mom, the football player remarks with a smile, after talking about his eldest daughter, age five, and the outcome of a past relationship, and a third child (also a girl) who is on the way. is in. He is considered to be in a cloud, not only because he is the best signing number of his career in Udinese (12 goals and four assists), but also because of the consistency that, at 28, made him commit some sins. allowed to atone. of the past

Tell me about that little Gerard. Where does your passion for football come from?
It’s been since I had 1,000 balls at home, kicking them every hour. I started in the town team at the age of four. My father was a regional football player and he took me to the fields. It was seen there that I liked it too.
But there comes a time when football is no longer a hobby.
It was a hobby until I got to Barcelona. I was just thinking about having a good time. It’s clear that when you get into a club like Barra, where there are selected kids, and you have to be the best in every course because if you don’t kick out the next year, you know the need. Ever since I was 10 or 12, I’ve been on my mind every weekend to be the best I can be.
who was your inspiration?
Auntie! Barra players haven’t been there since I was there… but the one who touched me the most was Ronaldinho. It was sheer madness. I remember he was very young and we would sneak peek into him at Camp Nou training sessions. We were in La Masia and we did our things to be able to watch the training sessions. Later, it is clear that Guardiola’s time was a celebration.
I saw that live.
Yes, I was lucky to make my debut and play a few matches. It was wonderful. Of course there is the small thorn of not having a complete course because imagine what he must have learned with Guardiola.
Very early debut with Bara (17 Years). Is it difficult to digest success at such a young age?
It depends on your surroundings, how professional you are or how organized your life is. I was young at that time, I didn’t have the right context and it affected me.
Did you feel dizzy?
It is true that there is a boom!, an explosion that is unbelievable. But vertigo, pressure or whatever you want to call it, no. My character is very strong and I believe in myself a lot. Not knowing what I wanted every moment has hurt me more.
Delofeu during a match against Inter.Andrea BresnuttiAP

At the age of 28, he is signing his career best record in Udinese. what changed?
Absolutely everything has changed. After the thousand experiences I’ve had since making my debut at the age of 17, we now have a Gerard, the perfect reference: an organized life, he draws matches by the millimeter, he has all the help he needs …and that leads you to a completely clean ground, with only the focus on the game and everything in your life being organized.
In the documentary ‘Movistar+’, The Fine Line: Finding Your Place talks about achieving the millimeter to excel. what is the way?
It’s willingness, it’s a lot of sacrifice, but, of course, it’s believing in the environment and in the professionals who are on your side. I am working with Regenera Elite and they are my fundamental pillars along with my family. I believe in them and that’s why things work out so well.
What is that work based on?
Regenera has four specialists in psychoneuroimmunology. Food and the four signs they give me about food is almost the least. All that is done is to prepare you in the best possible way, down to the millimeter, so that you can concentrate fully on the match. That is, physically and mentally. And that includes personal issues mentally, the organization of your life… a thousand things we work on together. Intermittent fasting helps us a lot, it’s crazy how you feel and the energy you can put out on the field, but I take it very much on a mental level. Now I go into the field with a clear mind, so I perform better. I don’t need inspiration, I have it.
He trains every detail of the game to guess the plays. How is that?
I have a team of analysts called Go Up Players that I’ve been with for four or five years. We work on analyzing the plays I make after the game. We prepare matches in the best possible way and you see things that show up and happen later in the matches. If you see it, when it actually happens you already have an advantage because you know it. It no longer surprises you.
He says that sometimes he takes his plastic container while eating.
[Re] We have a lot of Argentines on our team and you know: what if a barbecue here, a barbecue there… We get together a lot and during the week they don’t kick me out of my place because I’m a soldier. I have to eat healthy every day to prepare for the match. After the game, I go with my friends, my family and I hit my festival.
You define yourself as a soldier.
Yes, it’s a word we use a lot. By that word I mean that everything is perfectly organized. A soldier involves sacrifice, discipline, individuality and will. We are because in the end we seek excellence and I love using that word.
He has played for six teams in his career. Do you have a hard time rooting?
One of the things we’ve worked on (with Regenera) is about the many team changes I’ve made. As soon as I felt a little uncomfortable or noticed something, I would switch and do it without fighting completely. Now I know where I am. In Udinese I am happy and I can stay for a long time.
Up until this course, injuries have held him back. what have you learned?
The three injuries I had suffered were very much mental. It could be that they came for situations that stressed me out. Like it wasn’t quite right. This is where the knee injury or stress fracture occurred. Root There can be times in my life that have been very stressful.
Not even two years ago, that deadly conflict with Van Dijk in which the Crusaders broke out. What went through your head?
At that time you suffer a lot, because apart from the pain you know what is coming to you. But I already had a very positive mindset. I was surrounded by very good professionals and they inspired me to face that injury in a very positive way. In the exact same injury I met Regenera, who came from the hand of mark lorente, who is a friend of mine and I talk to him a lot. How you handle the injury has a lot to do with it.
His son is heard in the background. Has fatherhood marked you?
Especially in the organization of life. The family takes you to the countryside with great comfort and lots of love. It is very important.
Can you imagine yourself in the World Cup?
For me the selection is max. I made my debut at a very young age and it was a unique experience. There is a lot of competition now, but no one refuses to back down. it’s my dream.

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