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Sergio Garcia: “I believe the golf conflict can be resolved”

  • golf continues upside down There was a stir among the captains and lakhs of rain

Castellan is a haven of peace in the midst of great storms. Even in the week where 11 classmates Sergio Garcia LIV has sued the PGA Tour. Spanish golfer finds peace with his family. Mediterneo Golf is where it all began, the perfect place to give back how much the sport has given to Sergio. For this reason, it has just opened Sergio Garcia Golf AcademyOne of the best schools in our country, but this is only the beginning of the project. Sea You Victor GarciaSergio’s brother, is in charge of everything under the supervision of the winner You rest, his parents. The support of golfer’s friends on this special day does not go unnoticed: pau gasoli, Charles Letter, Gerard Lopez or bullfighter pepin lyria,

Question. finally at home. Did he need to go back to his roots?

answer. I want a shot from Spain and Castellon. It is great to be back in Castellón and to make this even more special, I am very excited about our new academy. Also, my wife loves Spain, we wanted paella, ham, etc…[risas],

P. And now why Sergio Garcia Golf Academy?

R. It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a long time and it’s time…not just for me, but for the club and, in general, the game of golf. We have great projects, not only with the academy, we are also going to organize a golf tournament this year and we are planning a series (golf tournament) that we are planning to hold in Spain next year Huh. Try golfing and helping the youth.

Q. You’re coming out of your first top ten of the year at LIV, New Jersey. At the British Open I noticed you are disappointed with your golf, has the situation changed?

R. We are working on it. I am a very sensational and very passionate player. What has happened in these months has not helped much. I noticed a better head and attitude last week in New Jersey, and it showed. We continue to work very hard on everything.

> He is one of the few players not to have condemned the PGA Tour after he resigned from being a member. does he repent?

R. No, I’m consistent with my decisions, one of the reasons I went to LIV is to spend more time with my family and if I combined it with the PGA Tour it would be impossible.

Q. However, did you back down from your resignation to become a member of the European Tour?

R. words of john rahmo He was overweight, and I even got a chance to talk to him after the British Open. It was one of the things that most influenced my change of decision. We have a great relationship and we had great moments in the Ryder Cup. We would like to experience more moments like this, but it will depend more on the decision taken by the Tour.

> So, we’ll see you play in Europe? in Spain?

R. I will not be able to participate in the Spanish European circuit tournaments as I owe myself to the LIV Tour (they match in dates), but I will be able to ensure at least tournaments in Europe to maintain my status as a member. I’m going Opt for the European circuit and rider.

Q. Did only Rahm’s words affect or did someone else call you from the European Tour?

R. I called. I made a few calls, got nowhere in particular. He let me see that there was an opportunity and everything would be clear when the Ryder Cup qualifiers started. But it was John’s words that struck me the most.

> You accused Thomas Bajran of very harsh words against you and the LIV players, did you speak to him?

R. Yes, we chatted with Thomas.

> Can you share what was said?

R. These are private things, but good conversations took place between friends. I explained my feelings and my vision and he informed me about his and European travels. It helped a little, but it was a personal conversation.

p. Now that Luke Donald, the new European captain, is a friend, do you think he can help the potential election?

R. The thing that will help me the most is my game. luke He’s a good friend, but he won’t take me for granted just because he’s my friend. I want to play at the highest possible level and, if I don’t qualify on my own merit, at least keep me on their radar. But everything will depend on the decision of the European Tour.

Fifth note of musical scale. Do you really believe that there is a solution to this conflict?

R. Yes, I’m sure. We don’t know how long this will take, but it will have to be fixed at some point. We must make sure that we all follow the same path.

> Isn’t this whole situation very sad for golf?

R. There’s a weird feeling that comes with all of this, but the reality is there’s a competitor on the PGA Tour and it doesn’t like it. LIV has tried to talk to them, but they are not at work. Let’s hope things get better. We all want to get along and, if possible, help with the game of golf. Don’t let anyone believe that in my case it was not an easy decision. I thought about it a lot, but you have to be brave in life too.

p. Is there anyone who believes that in his case it was a decision only for money?

R. Let them think what they want. Money is important, we all work for money and as best as possible for our family, but it is not the only important thing. We are all competitive and no one likes to lose. We also saw the possibility of doing something different, innovative; Being the guide of all these, my attention also got towards this.

Q. Is it easier now to jump on the LIV bandwagon than it is to make a decision?

R. Yes [risas]I think so, you have to be brave.

P.But are you still aware that if the door to Europe is closed for you, and without points in the world rankings, the Majors will be over for you?

R. World ranking is important and we are fighting for points. We don’t know whether to be 100% or percentage, because we have played 54 holes and one less field. I don’t think they hesitate to give it to us because of the quality of the players in LIV. We knew that not playing big was a possibility. It’s something you think and think about a lot, but I made my decision with all the consequences of it.

Q. Besides the money, what do you like most about LIV that you didn’t find on the PGA Tour?

R. Personally, I like that you can play fewer tournaments and win more money, as well as devote more time to your family, but I love the product. It is more active, faster. Those who complain about golf getting old, it takes too long. For this reason, the LIV offer is aimed at younger, more active people. Everything is over in four and a half hours and as a spectator you have a chance to do something before and after. In addition, each tournament has incentives; Like concerts, activities that you can do with your family.

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