‘Sergeant Pintas’ work in Madrid: 16 goals and 20 fewer injuries on the buzzer | LaLiga Santander 2021

 'Sergeant Pintas' work in Madrid: 16 goals and 20 fewer injuries on the buzzer |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Ancelotti’s team is the team in the league that scores the most goals between the 81st and 90th minutes. The return of the physical trainer was a big signing of the summer for the board.

Pintas celebrates Madrid’s victory, right next to Modric.Julius MoozziEFE
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technical body real madrid I couldn’t believe it when I consulted the data. for them 36 years old37 way, modric had overtaken 11 kms runs against Chelsea, extension is included. 120 minutes in which the Croatian, like the rest of his teammates, increased as the clock approached. A constant during this season that has reached its peak in recent weeks, when the team needed it the most. ancelotti, in valdebebasAll eyes are on the same person: Antony Pintashead of physical training, senior lawyer during the season and police To prevent forcing football players across the course and thus to control the plague of injuries that have weighed on other seasons. past, with 62 Injuries You 167 absence in Federationwas the biggest example.

When a squeezed Madrid collapsed in 2021 Stamford Bridge Pintas’ name did not stop coming to the mind of the board in the Champions semi-finals. leave or not Zidane To the bench, the return of the Italian, in that moment DifferenceMust be the great signature of summer. So this was the matter. Ancelotti announced, Madrid hastened to issue a statement about Pintas. for them 59 yearsThe three european cups adopted his surname as well, and whatever happens in these final weeks of the course, Barnabu’s high ranks already know they weren’t wrong: Madrid is flying under his command,

the last ten minutes are white

After Mini Precision Made after falling in the first stage against PSGreturning to work with a football player hypoxia mask That they’ve already used in July, the Madrid squad physicist surpassed some of the continent’s most powerful teams. They faced the French in the second leg of the quarter-finals, when Madrid 22% more sprints at higher intensity (between 21 and 24 kph) from them, and Chelsea by Tuchel, who won the Champions League a few months back on a physical and vertical game basis. In the Bernabeu, whites visited ms total distance That blues in overtime (35.4 km compared to 35), including high-intensity 1,228 meters 938 for Ancelotti and for Londoners.

In it sanchez-pizzonAfter the loss of the Champions League and only with the news Militao and Camavinga, Madrid took off again in the final leg. He started the duel hard, but sweeped Sevilla territory to caress the title, something he has been repeating throughout the season. No one scored more goals in the last minutes than Ancelotti’s team Garter belt, something directly related to the work of Pintas. This is his job. So far he has scored 16 runs and won only two. For comparison, in that section, Atl├ętico have a scorer balance of 12-6 and Bara 14-7. Moreover, it is also the lowest score.

If we take the period. extend to last fifteen minutes For each quote, the figure is 22-6, an outrage that only Rosiblancos draws close: 19-7. was in Seville 8-3 So far, it fits a little, but Nacho and Benzema His data got corrupted. sequels They are white: ah puts Madrid in 68% of his goals (66 totals already), are showing in their first goal on average min 57, Latest minutes with Real in the league. One fact that doesn’t stop him from becoming a team highest scorer of the championship with a six-goal advantage over Barcelona (60). An exceptional physique and the logical genius of his squad do the rest.

The club’s medical staff have also welcomed Pintas’ arrival. Coronavirus does not count, where has the nurse gone from 62 Injuries since last year 43 Of this but it is not so much quantity as quality. the seriousness of the problems is very low: they are Mild muscle problems, stroke and flu, frozen in madrid squad Final League 167 absences By 102 Leading the course, a figure whose weight is on the shoulders of the knot (17 games out), marian (10), mendy (13), marcelo, carvajal (9), cross (8) and risk (5). The German’s puberty was overcome months earlier, the only concern mendy Last year in the months of April and May after problems in the breathing spine.

In this 2022, the additions between Courtois, Carvajal, Militao, Alaba (1), Casemiro, Croce (1), Modric, Valverde, Rodrigo, Vinicius, Asensio and Benzema (3) Five absences due to muscle problems, Blessings for any team wishing to win regular tournaments.

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