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Scar Perrero: “It was the best tour I can remember”

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The winner of the 2006 Tour Galician analyzed the spectacular duel between Vingegaard and Pogacar and the crisis in Spanish cycling. “Enrique Maas is a great runner, but he has a stroke”, he assures

Scar Pereiro.Victor MarriedEFE
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Even with a taste of the “best tour of the last 20 years” afterward and with hopes for the next tour of Spain that begins in Utrecht on 19 August, scar pereiro (Mos, Pontevedra, 1977), ambassador of Ecovidrio’s sustainable initiative, analyzes the rivalry between Jonas Winggaard and Tadej Pogacar And the crisis of Spanish cycling.

How well has this tour been?
From what I have in my retina, this has been the best seizure I can remember in the last 20 years. Others may have specific moments that equal or surpass this one. But I don’t remember anything like the way runners competed in 21 days. Ever since the Tour entered France, it was crazy how it was run. van Aerte Winning in yellow, getting into breakaway… We’ve seen some boring phases.
And then the unexpected happened.
If someone asked us to bet money before Granon’s Day, we would have put it in the basket. pogakar, all. Everything that breaks normality gives something extra. And even more so in runners like Pogakar, who tried it in places where no one expected it. His pride was hurt, I guess he never imagined that someone could hit him in the nose like he has. Grannon was having a moment of weakness, but after seeing Houtakam and Chrono, the reality is that Wingard was stronger. Now it is up to your team to analyze. Last year he was far better than the rest when all he wanted was to leave. In the first week itself I watched him with great concern that he wanted to spend seconds even on the steps where he had to be saved. I don’t know if he was feeling insecure or not. After Grannon, with Pogacar desperate, we knew he was going to attack at any moment. Saving the distances, it was like the last Vuelta to oppose,
In cycling, what’s the use of saving efforts, can overconfidence be tricking you?
I haven’t had the privilege of having such a quality, but it’s true that, especially at something I was quite good at, which was leaky, there are times when you feel superior. And you want to go rooster a little more. Experience is important. What I would not like is that this trip is a before and after in Pogakar. I don’t want to miss Pogacar at the start of the year from the classics, who competes to win in everything, Strade Bianche, Flanders…
Who has more charisma?
Wingguard is so boring. When he first wears yellow and doesn’t smile… it’s too cold. I’ve also seen the most awesome Armstrong in history walk the finish line celebrating. Pogakar is smiling on the podium even when he is defeated.
In yellow in Pereiro, Paris.World

It feels like a rivalry for years. Do you see anyone capable of interfering?
I don’t know if Roslik is 100% or not. I like to think so, because he was going to win a Tour against Pogacar. If it ends in Ineos as it’s sounding, it could open a pretty cool fan.
Are they the best?
All you have to do is see the final classification of the Tour. That only 15 cyclists were under an hour seems surreal to me. I’ve been in the top 10 on the Tour four times and I think the most I’ve lost was 15 minutes, 10. Every time they pushed they went by themselves.
If Van Aert Had to Be ‘Vultmano’…
i road will cancel Try a year He lost too much weight to climb better, but then he lost it in the time trial and lost what he was. I think Van Aert is going to try to win a Tour at some point, because he’s an ambitious man. But it would be Van Aert to attack from the start, not to come into the sprint. You have to save We’re going to lose the show. It is a discussion, but it is a blessed discussion. I wish it was Spanish, it was a national idol.
The Tour has been another step in Spanish cycling’s woes…
talk with the other day Luis Lane Sanchez, who has been the best, was at 14 and on a full stomach, feeling unbelievable. I’m clear, it’s clear that Spanish cycling has failed in the Tour de France. The problem is that the expectations are always too high.
where is the problem?
on base. Our generation, still dismantling Valverde, we children Indurain and Perico, he built a brutal nursery. The 2008 economic crisis did a lot of damage, no one helped you, we all gave a general message that this is wrong. Now, you go to a cadet race and the monitors are still the same, 30 years old. We have to get protection legislation in place as soon as possible, tax benefits for companies that support the premise above all. He holds 4,000 cycling races annually in France. In Spain we didn’t even reach 1,000. There’s a huge accumulation of circumstances and then we’re not going to ignore the evidence that you have to set very poor values ​​to be a cyclist in today’s kid. I always said that cycling is a sport for those who need a little. Playing the game doesn’t hurt at all and I am the father of a 17 year old boy.
Ecovidrio’s President, Luis de Javier, along with Vuelta’s General Director, Javier Guillon and Scar Pereiro.Victor MarriedEFE

What happens to the Enrique month?
He’s a great runner, one of the best runners we have at the national level, a long-distance runner. But there is a lot of pressure on them. When you read about him, especially on social media, it seems like this guy is hurting everyone every day. The only thing he does is try to compete, suffer completely, give his best. We expected more from Enrique, but I’m clear Enrique is not alberto counter And many people got confused. He has suffered mental trauma, not only on the descent. Stress, seeing that everyone criticizes you, that you don’t make people happy…
Is there really any danger of Movistar going down?
If everything goes back to normal, no… I’m a little worried that Enrique won’t go to the Vuelta. Alejandro, Sosa… I think there is no threat of deportation. But they’re running under pressure… Enrique gets sick and they get screwed.
How do you watch La Vuelta?
Pogacar has fallen, but Roglic is doing everything possible to come, I know and we have to give him credit. Hindley, Haig, Carapaz, Valverde, Mas, Carlos Rodríguez, Alaphilippe… I think she could be one of the best in recent years.
Pereiro there will be another year.
The great work we’ve been doing for seven years now with Ecovidrio for a more sustainable Vuelta. Cycling is a sport that is closely related to nature, so the participants of La Vuelta should be an example for the spectators to follow. At a time when dozens of wildfires are raging, the need to take care of our natural heritage is more than clear.

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