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Sandra Snchez, the intrahistory of a gold without past or future: an anniversary, many ‘burpees’ and some suspicions

Sandra Snchez, the intrahistory of a gold without past or future: an anniversary, many 'burpees' and some suspicions

“I almost threw it,” the Talaverana stated in regards to the judges. She defeated the Japanese Shimizu within the legendary Budokan with a kata that she had repeated to exhaustion within the Sierra Nevada.

Sandra hugs Jess del Ethical, her husband and coach, after successful gold.HEDAYATULLAH AMIDEFE
  • Karate The fierceness of Sandra Snchez wins the second gold for Spain in krate

What’s most spectacular about Sandra Sanchez in its metamorphosis. The fierce gaze on the tatami, defiant. It will virtually be stated that he provides off hatred. Her contagious, irrepressible, endearing smile, unbridled later, when the phrases to explain what she feels crowded collectively, she expresses herself at such velocity that it’s troublesome to observe her: “I am happy, excited, I want to laugh, cry, jump, scream. I don’t know, there are so many emotions! ” You’ve simply received a novel Olympic gold, as there was none up to now and there might be no later, because it disappears from the map in Paris 2024.

Earlier than, additionally within the antipodes, her husband, who can also be her coach. “It has been the championship that has been calmer. I gave him an example: ‘This is like an exam. If I am going to tell you the questions the day before, how would you be? Well, I was looking forward to it.” Yesterday, precisely yesterday, was their fifth marriage ceremony anniversary. Jess del Ethical, serene sort, the instructor who pushed her undoubtedly. And that he requested to publish the festivities for a number of hours, as a result of right now he might be subsequent to his different ward, Damin Quintero, who can also be on the lookout for gold within the Nippon Budokan.

They each have a good time the Olympic fruits of a life. Sandra’s, stuffed with adventures, with karate, that woman’s tantrum as a result of she wished to mimic her brother Paco and never dance like the opposite ladies, as a typical denominator. An effort that led him to problem when he left the Excessive Efficiency Middle in Madrid to return dwelling to Talavera de la Reina and care for the most cancers of his mom, Mara Isabel. And that it stings a lot within the Federation that, later it was the ‘plagued’. A martial artwork that he didn’t abandon even when he went to Australia to review. And that he resumed at such a late age that few would have predicted his world dominance of the Guinness report. Even in Dubai they required her for the way good she was.


As a result of nobody ever wins as many profession victories as this small Talaverana, -the ‘llaverito’ they affectionately name her-, champion of the world and of all the things, who took the specialty of kata to skies the place it even surpasses the inventors. As a result of if benefit had his gold, extra that which surrounded him. The stage, the rival, the judges. “I almost threw it,” she whispered within the bowels of the Budokan, the Japanese temple of martial arts. The place, within the immaculate execution of the Chatanyara Kushanku, achieved an general rating of the seven judges of 28.07, increased than that of Kiyou Shimizu, which he did (27,88). They matched within the technical half (19.6), however the Spanish surpassed it in its sturdy level, the athletic one (8.46 by 8.28). And extra merriment: “I knew it was going to be super fair. Well all those burpees! “.

And for that cause, as a result of in entrance of him was his nice rival, who competes at dwelling, who had been hiding issues for a very long time, who had been scored greater than mandatory within the morning and who wore blue – the colour reserved for the seeds, which It will need to have been Sandra being primary within the rating – it was all a suspicion. “I knew that we had factors against us, that we were in Japan. I did not care. I thought, ‘I leave my soul on the mat. And I give my heart to them.’ And that I have done, in the perfect setting. , it had to be done like that, “he reasoned. “I was not going to condition him at all. Against Japan in the Budokan … It was something that most people see lost. I have always told him he was capable. He has been spectacular,” defined Del Ethical.

Till the Minister Iceta He signed up for the medal, as a result of it was one of many most secure of all the Spanish expedition. As a result of Sandra had the ultimate kata so mechanized – “I’ve done it so many times. So many, so many, so many … Training in Sierra Nevada, when you can’t take it anymore. Chatan. Again? It was worth it “- he simply needed to put his indignant face on, shout his kiais with the soul and that the excitement of his karategi amazed within the Budokan. And … “Fuuu! Letting go, take out everything that I have inside. I really am not aware of how all the movements have gone. I know that I have finished with the greeting. And that I felt good. Okay, happy. There I had left everything, the soul, the heart, everything “.