Home Sport Sandra Snchez increases her legend with a new world title

Sandra Snchez increases her legend with a new world title

Sandra Snchez increases her legend with a new world title

The talaverana completed a perfect 2021 in Dubai, where she joined the world gold to that achieved in the past Games and in the European. Damin Quintero, silver in katas

Sandra Snchez, after winning Olympic gold in Tokyo.Reuters
  • Jess del Moral The guru behind the success of Spanish krate

Sandra Sanchez This Saturday she was proclaimed world champion of kata at the meeting held in Dubai, to sign a perfect and historic 2021 in which the continental gold and that of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were also hung.

Sanchez defeated the Japanese in the final Ono Hikaru to win his second World Cup in a row. The Talaverana won the first Olympic gold in the history of karate in August and in May she was proclaimed European champion for the sixth time.

The Olympic champion, number one in the world, did not miss her appointment with a new gold in the country that gave her the opportunity to grow with her coach and partner Jess del Moral. From there and already with 34 years, Sandra managed to enter the Spanish national team and since then the titles have not stopped falling.

The karate fighter from La Mancha achieved the Olympic summit in the cradle of this sport and before a Japanese woman she became world champion again as in 2018. The talaverana signed a score of 28.46 to win gold against a Hikaru who left a remarkable performance but insufficient ( 27.42), before a tireless Sandra in her 40s.

While, Damin Quintero, also in katas, was left at the gates of gold because of the Japanese again Ryo Kiyuna, who deprived him of the title already in the previous World Cup and in Tokyo 2020. Kiyuna again beat Malaga, this time by 28.38 to 26.66 with the exercise of the kata ‘Ohan Dai’.

In addition, the day also left the Spanish gold of Mara Torres placeholder image, in kumite, 5-4 against the Egyptian Menna Shaaban Okila in the category of more than 68 kilos, in an impressive final of the Malaga also fought until the last minute.

Reference from elmundo