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Samuel Lino, dribbler borrowed by Atletico who matures into the mestalla

The Brazilian will be one of Valencia’s weapons of attack this Monday (10:00 pm) against the team that paid seven million for his signature. “He was the best winger in Portugal, replacing Luis Dazs”, recall the former teammates.

Samuel Lino tries to stop Munian in San Mames.louis wovenEFE

There is no better nail than wood. clings firmly to the old adage Valencia One of his team’s best offensive weapons to endure that night is going to be a footballer for which strong He had paid seven million a few months back. The Answer to How Mestalla Became a Nursery Samuel Lino mature you have to see it in the passport and see the activities of a mutual friend of two clubs, George Mendez, Who always comes to the rescue. And this time Valencia doesn’t seem to be losing.

The 22-year-old was one of the revelations of the Brazilian Portuguese league, where he came after making his 2017 debut in the So Paulo championship three years ago. saint bernard and spend three months without pain or glory, for the subsidiary company of maral, He crossed the Atlantic and landed on gil vincentwhere he achieved a consistent run until he added 14 goals and five assists last season, in which he slipped shoulder to shoulder among the best players darwin naezy, ottavio either Paul Sarabia,

linen was best dribbler, with an average of 1.85 per game, and the second player with the most shots on goal. His partner in the attack, the former Valencian Frank Navarro, assures that the part of the plays that helped him score 16 goals was born from his shoes. He was the best winger to take away Luis Dazs in Portugal, he defended. Nor does his instructor praise his virtues, Ricardo Soares: He has the qualities, the talent, he is one after the other strong, unbalanced and cleverly disciplined. what now gattuso He asks for one end and what he has already left brush strokes.

Valencia didn’t get this Portuguese pearl – Mendes looked for Peter Lim for midfielder Andre Almeida – but Simeone didn’t even need to think about whether he wanted to take advantage of it as his non-EU passport had given him the first It was rejected. What better place to guarantee minutes than at a club with limited resources, owner and coach friends he fits into. reminiscent of a trick diogo jotasigned for seven million from Paos, loaned to clubs in the Mendes universe (Porto and Wolverhampton) and sold twice two seasons later without wearing Rosiblanco.


Lino is landed on his feet in a locker room, where Paulista, with whom he shares an agent, has his share of command and in a crowd that lights up with electric players. There is no winger other than Castilejo, although while waiting for Brian Gil to arrive, Lino must kill Atlético without mercy. casualties due to injury Hugo Hard You Jess VazquezTo which Paulista’s suspicions are added, complicating the Italian coach’s eleven, who live in the hope of being able to put icing on his squad. Addison Cavani, Uruguay is to respond to Valencia’s offer with a deadline on Tuesday.

The fear is that Gattuso has asked his players not to be up against an Atletico against whom they have not won since the 14/15 season. Meanwhile, he dreams of Valencia being Simeon.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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