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Same obsession with other PSG, Champions League: “There you live like a footballer”

The world’s richest club looks over the abyss, even in handball. It has a budget of 17 million, which is double that of the rest of the applicants. “His players live out of reality and that doesn’t help,” says Antonio Garca, a former side side.

Karabetic, against Elverum, on Thursday.Christophe Petit TessonEFE

goalkeeper matters Rodrigo Corrales In one of his three years at PSG he was invited to the Champs-lysées to take part in the final leg of the Tour and when he got there he found that he was going to cycle around the circuit just before the peloton. Were were

count sides Anthony Garcia In one of his two seasons at PSG he went to the airport to play in Macedonia and, instead of the expected transfer of scales, he got a round trip private jet that allowed him to sleep at home that same night.

Like the PSG of football, the PSG of handball. For better and for worse. A decade after capital coming in from Qatar Investment Authority, the leading team Michael Hansen stands at the same intersection as the set of mbpp, Messi You neymar, They dominate France, but have yet to win the Champions League and the passion for that title grows, grows and grows. The similarity between the two sports is, in fact, exaggerated: both teams have the highest budgets in Europe. [en balonmano, unos 17 millones, casi el doble que el Bara], both have lost one final in the highest European competition and both fail each year against historical rivals. This Thursday handball saw PSG plunge into the abyss of elimination against Norwegian Elvrem in the round of 16: in the first leg they were tied on 30, at home they avoided a collapse with a 37 to 30 win.

“There was no problem spending”

“They should go into the quarterfinals, but let’s see how it goes now,” explains Garca, a Granollers player today who was in Paris at the start of the project between 2012 and 2014. He came on a team that had just risen. from another and it was found that, behind him, as stars appeared didier dinari, luke abalo, Marco Colzarri And finally the leader, Hansen. “There was no problem with spending. In fact, the squad was closed when it came to the option of hiring Hansen and nothing, in a week they paid him the best in the world. It was quite an experience. When I arrived, the club had four employees and in a few months there were already more than 20. The players asked if they could update the machines in the gym and in a few days it was all new”, from Spain in 2013. With says the world champion winger, who last summer, at age 38, won a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Garcia experienced PSG debut in the Champions League in 2013 and suffered a subsequent change of group. To connect more with the local population, he signed several Frenchmen and had to move to Hungary. “It’s the same thing with PSG in handball as it does with Barra: they start the year with all the national titles, they play four Champions League games a season and if they don’t win them, It’s already a failure. And, moreover, they live out there reality and it doesn’t always help. PSG players live like footballers. Many events, many acts, it’s a world that misleads you. can,” notes one of the references to the current Assouble.

The role of Al-Khelai

His teammate, Corrales, who was at PSG between 2017 and 2020, agrees: “At PSG you feel like a footballer, it’s true. It’s no longer just travel conditions or facilities, it’s those people.” There are many tasks for that invite you. The player who gets there is impressed by that. But hey, you shouldn’t do injustice to the club and what it has achieved. In 10 years, it has led a modest French team to the Champions League. and narrowly missed out on the title”.

“In general, the ambition of the Champions League is noticeable in the club, but not as much in football, it is clear. For example, the time when he came to see us [Nasser] al-khelaifikPresident, was always there to congratulate us. The one who was at the top was the general manager, Jean-Claude Blanco, Classes are very important, in fact it is common to see players like Mbapp in the stands of handball matches, but PSG is still a football club”, says the goalkeeper, also an Olympic medalist, who came to the French club after a big disappointment. In the 2017 Champions League final, Vardar’s last-second goal left them without a title. Since then, with four other unsuccessful appearances in the final, they have been chasing, chasing and chasing him. are doing.

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