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Roland Garros: Rafa Nadal: “I didn’t arrive with proper preparation”

Despite his 13 titles at Roland Garros, the Spaniard is not considered the favorite to win.

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  • lottery Nadal, Djokovic and Alcaraz will go on the same side of the table

Despite being the tennis player to have won the Roland Garros most times, Rafael Nadal He admits that he is not the favorite to win this edition, that he copes with injuries with little preparation, but assures that he believes in making up for those shortcomings with work and concludes. is: “I believe in my choice”.

The Spaniard, who is facing his fourteenth title triumph at the age of 36, has indicated that problems with his left leg continue to affect him in Rome, but they have not stopped him from training well for the time being. So he assured that he doesn’t believe does not stop you from competing.

,I don’t think those problems will go away in two weeks, but that’s not the goal., The important thing is to know whether they will be very strong and will they give me a chance to win here.”

Nadal, who was cheerful and in a good mood, assured that he prepared for the tournament with that situation in mind and recalled that he also faced and won the previous Australian Open. “In sports, which one day seems impossible, suddenly you see it as possible or even very possible. I think the click is not far (…) Got something in Australia that seemed impossible to know where it came from“, indicated.

“You have to build strength daily with work and optimism and the belief that things can get better,” said the Spaniard, who said he arrived in Australia with less training, but in better shape than he is now. reached with his feet.

“I don’t know how many versions I have left to play”

“I have to accept the situation, make the necessary effort and have options to compete, face things as they come, without any guesswork. I don’t know how many Roland Garros I have left to play, opportunities are limited and you have to take advantage of them“, said.

Despite the fact that he has been the player to win the most number of times in Paris, which allows him to “find some positive sensations (…) that don’t make you win the game”, Nadal confirmed that he doesn’t feel that way. Favorite. “If you look at the results, you see that I am not the favourite. But it never worried me. When everyone said I was the favourite, I didn’t see myself as the favourite, I saw myself as a favorite. Seen as candidates, I have always seen it this way. He was a candidate because he had already won. But today I don’t think he is the favourite. Later, we will see what can happen,” he said. commented.

“Unfortunately I did not arrive with proper preparation and this disrupted the start of the season line, has bothered him. Things can change rapidly in sports and I have to be ready for that change. There are players in better shape than me, no doubt about that. But in Australia I put myself in the position of having a choice and here it is no different. I believe in my choices, in my daily actions.”

I guess the draw didn’t go well for him who is on the same side of the table as the Serbian Novak Djokovik1 in the world and defender of the title, with whom he will face in the quarter-finals, and his compatriots Carlos Alcarazu, their potential opponent in the semi-finals, the sensation of the start of the season. “It’s a tough draw, but mentally I’m not worried (…) I would have liked another draw as it comes. But I have enough humility to think that now I’m just my first opponent, I can focus on Australian. Jordan Thomson,

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