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Roland Garros: Nadal stuns Djokovic in early twilight and meets Zverev in semi-finals

Mallorcan dominates the eventual winner of the tournament in a spectacular match of four hours and 12 minutes (6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6). [4],

Nadal celebrates a point during the match against Djokovic.AFP

There are already 110 victories and 13 titles at the venue where his effigy appears, but, without in any way deviating from the dazzling displays that were and were many, it’s hard to find an exhibition like the one starred yesterday. was Rafael Nadal during the first two hours of the match against them Novak Djokovik1 in the world and the player who followed him in a thrilling race to finish with the highest number of summits was crowned.

While some indications, backed by the words of Nadal himself, point to his definite decline in a tournament that continues to be ruled by someone, the Spaniard made an almost perfect representation, the result being only the pride and quality of his opponent. Were. Was able to take the dispute on both fronts to moments of extraordinary intensity.

More stable and precise in his motion, more complete in the final stage, the Spaniard defeated the defending champions 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6(4), becoming the top after four hours and 12 minutes. The hopeful to win his fourteenth title and second Grand Slam on Sunday after winning the Australian Open earlier this year. For now, they will face this Friday in the semi-finals Alexander Zverevwho won in four sets Carlos Alcarazu,

bullfighting acoustics

Rarely has Nadal received such intense support from fans during a match since his tournament debut in 2005. Rafa, Rafa, Rafa! The slogans, with impeccable bullfighting acoustics, were followed one after the other by one of the most enthusiastic voices of the 14,800 people who filled Central before taking advantage of their third breaking ball to take an early advantage.

His start was amazing. Djokovic saw no way to score points, turning to the dropshot not as a weapon, but as a desperate campaign. The lack of preparation, affected by physical problems a few weeks ago, was coming from a tough 16 match against Felix Auger-Aliasime And in a time that reportedly favored his opponent’s conditions, Nadal started off with enormous success and determination, reminiscent of the 2020 final, played in somewhat comparable atmospheric conditions. Then he went over Djokovic with tremendous force. If he got out 6-0 on that occasion, he could have survived the decider 6-2 this time as well.

The one from Belgrade, who presented himself as champion in Rome, winning 22 consecutive sets since Foro Italico and 11 consecutive victories at Roland Garros, sat in a confused chair that did not come to a solution. Nadal Cheese, who turns 36 this Friday, was pure ballet, dancing for Philippe-Chatier with the skills of her best days, finding lines and putting Knoll on permanent alert. There was not a single concession for the Balkans.

Djokovic’s forced return during the match at Philippe Chattier.AP

Forced by everything, the Belgrade one responded. Nadal, who was 3–0 up, tried to hang on to the sixth game as if his life depended on it, but Noelle managed to take advantage of his fifth bullet to get three matches into another lengthy brawl. The Spaniard lost four games in a row and stopped bleeding for the equivalent of four. But it was difficult to maintain the high character of his performance. Djokovic took a step forward, more aggressive with the rest, and took advantage of his second ball in the tenth game to equalize a set.

Far from blaming the blow, Nadal went to the locker room and came back like a cyclone, to take the first two games and put a set on track that went off with unexpected ease. It was not a sect, though it might seem. It was a quarter-final match, but they both knew that there was a lot at stake, that the winner secured several tickets to win the cup. Djokovic didn’t take advantage of the two balls he needed to take the game to fifth and dug his own grave. As he said, this was not Nadal’s last match in Paris. Yes, a new and extraordinary expression of His inexhaustible power on earth.

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