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Robert Lewandowski: “I’m not thinking about Real Madrid or Benzema, the important thing for me is to play well with Barra”

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The Barca striker, who already wears the number ‘9’ on his back, experienced a first at the Camp Nou which touched 60,000 spectators.

Robert Lewandowski posing with Joan Laporta at Camp NouceAFP
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Robert Lewandowski experienced his second official debut with Barra in just a few weeks. The first, in Miami, was not up to par. On the other hand, a player did justice to his quality and experience. Unlike the rest of the signatures, polished dress could With about 60,000 spectators in the stands at Camp Nou, who didn’t mind facing the blazing sun to see his new statue. An idol who, moreover, already wore what would be his fixed number as a Barca player: ‘9’.

“It was a club decision for reasons of interest to the club, to the image and publicity. We thought it was an appropriate decision and was taken with respect memphisBut they have figured it out completely”, explained chairman Joan Laporta. The Dutchman, who was the previous owner of a number normally reserved for the centre-forward, is still protesting. to leave the clubNo matter how many offers from clubs like Juventus or Chelsea are around him.

“It was something incredible. I’m so excited to see so many fans show their support for the first time in this stadium. I want to show them everything I can do as quickly as possible.” on the pitch, I’m very happy”, assured a Lewandowski who is well aware that the fight with Real Madrid and Karim Benzema will be one of the points his new followers are most excited about, but which for now is his Prefers to focus on the team “They won the league and the Champions League, we have to try to get over them. To be tough, but this is football. The good thing is that not only is there trying to win that game, there are many great clubs in the league. There are many challenges, I am not thinking about Real Madrid or Benzema. The most important thing for me is to play well with Bara.”

During the presentation, the striker’s mother wanted to touch the pitch. Something that, as Laporta explained, he had done long ago and which he sealed with a kind of prophecy. ,Robert came 20 years ago, Mother touched the grass, told her ‘someday you will play in this ground’ and it’s done”, reveals the leader, who is confident that there will be no problem registering the poll and the rest of the signatures. All of the above , with the fourth lever already in the chamber: the sale of another 25% of Barra Studios for another 100 million euros.” We approved the fourth lever as it was planned. This is 49% of the operation that was planned. As a precaution and to prevent possible deviations in interpretations, we have done this. We hope not, but if it happens, there will be no problem,” the President assured.

“We have worked to be able to Register all players, In fact, we have worked hard and I think it is good to qualify. If any further operation is needed, we will do it, but the documents have already been submitted and we are waiting. The decision must be made by the league, we have complied with everything they require,” insisted a Laporta who expressed his chest to the economic management of his board. €868 millionWe also have a healthy balance sheet and income statement. We have made a very good effort, we have had to activate a series of operations that include the sale of club assets, always in a controlled manner, with the option to control the risks and recover them. In this line, the job is done very well to clean and keep the unit fair play Like Robert Lewandowski, we are required to register all the players we have included”, he sentenced.

“We’re building a team. it’s been a very rough year, making many important decisions and under a lot of pressure. We have endured it and we continue to endure it well, we are very satisfied with what we have done and we continue to do so. The club is on the right track and now it has to increase the pace of the race and have the necessary stability and calmness to win the title again,” he concluded.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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