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Rivals on the pitch, training partners: (some) the secrets behind Llorente and Asensio | LaLiga Santander 2021

Rivals on the pitch, training partners: (some) the secrets behind Llorente and Asensio |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The Regenera company takes care of every detail of the athletes. They train on an empty stomach and do without dairy and processed products. Deulofu or Luis Mila are also in their hands.

Llorente, during an Atletico training session.ATLETICODEMADRID.COM
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A year ago, Marcos Llorente (27) and Marco Asensio (26), teammates at Real Madrid and rivals in this Sunday’s derby (9:00 pm), were facing conflicting situations. Marcos had become an unexpected whip for Simone. His 13 goals and 11 assists (he would add another before the end of the season) were essential for Atlético to find themselves in a frantic result towards the league title which they eventually achieved. Marco, already forgetting his very serious rupture of the cruciate ligament, which kept him unemployed for eight months, had minutes. Zinedine ZidaneBut he added six goals (he would score another) and two decisive passes.

Today, a year later, a lot has happened on the path of both of them. physical problems of Kieran Tripper And then moving to Newcastle forced him to turn right wing due to the needs of the team. This change, taking him away from the target means there is no trace of those goalscoring figures as subtle as they were unattainable from last year. He also has no luck. Daniel Vasey, hired at the winter market by Atlético to free him and bring him back to his natural habitat, was injured during his debut at Camp Nou. If Marcos remains unbroken last season, he will have to recover from three muscle injuries before Christmas. That’s the past. His physical stamina remains one of the most outstanding in the league, always ranking among the three fastest players and the top 10 players to have run the most kilometers in each game.

and Asensio, despite not having guaranteed ownership ancelotti, having the best goal scoring record of his career: 12 goals and two assists. In college Benzema (43) and vinicius (18) has scored more goals than him in this Real Madrid.

A significant influence on the performance of both players comes from the company Regenera Elite, which is in charge of their 360 preparation. They have been doing this with Asensio since April 2021. Llorente, who had found himself in that complicated November 2019, recently arrived at Atletico and plunged into a handful of doubts, as he hardly counted for Simeone. At the age of 25, a footballer has lived through many experiences and situations with enormous repercussions. He tells EL Mundo that it is very important to measure everything in order to keep it under control and organized. Carlos Prezoco-founders of the company, with Nestor Sanchez, dave vargas You Xavi Kailas, His secret is clinical psychoneuroimmunology, the knowledge of human physiology and biology to harness the player’s true potential.

Neither processed grains nor dairy

And that is, with everything under control, it means not leaving any edge open. Food and rest (Lorente has its own famous bed that eliminates electromagnetic pollution and costs 35,000 euros) are taken lightly. Everyone is going to train fast, even if they have a double session, and then they have nutritional care, where there is no room for processed products or foods with inflammatory potential like grains or dairy. Is. Then there is the care of the microbiota and supplementation. Those are non-negotiable aspects, they are not discussed. Without it it is more difficult to organize the mind. So we can work on a mental level and manage everything that comes next. Cross-cutting work at all levels to handle all kinds of situations requiring high competition, they add to Regenera, which also controls the course of the revival Gerard DullofeuOne of the sensations of Serie A, to the beat of the most spectacular numbers of his career, or louis got, who has commanded Grenada at the age of 27. In the event of any force majeure, whether in Italy, Grenada or Madrid, they fly in and are personally present at the player’s home.

In her new position, Llorente is immersed in another new landscape for her, although she is already more stable than in her difficult start. Marcos did what he did last year. He never complains and is a fighter. He goes for everything and is a competitive animal. He is ready to sacrifice himself for the team when needed. He has redirected injuries and is focused on helping Atlético get into the Champions League, he recognizes in Regenera.

Marco Asensio after Madrid’s victory in the Champions League.AFP

and Asensio, which now works with George Mendes, and whose contract with Real Madrid expires in only one year (June 30, 2023), puts pressure on Madrid to be crucial. He has developed an iron mindset after recovering from a knee injury. It is proving to be his best season in life in terms of goals and assists, surpassing the year 17-18 of his explosion at Real Madrid. So I scored 11 goals in total. Sta is already 12 in the absence of four league games and the Champions League final (28 May), concluded Carlos Preez.

Tomorrow, Marcos Llorente and Marco Asensio could both be heroes (for good) in the derby. If this happens, there will be at least four boys smiling contentedly. One who instigates something well.

Left to right: David Vargas, Carlos Prez, Nustor Sánchez and Xavi Callas, founders of Regenera Elite.World

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