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Reynaldo’s unexpected dance: a ‘low cost’ sign that has saved Atlético and an icon in Mozambique after overcoming his family drama. LaLiga Santander 2021

Reynaldo's unexpected dance: a 'low cost' sign that has saved Atlético and an icon in Mozambique after overcoming his family drama.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Mallorca – Atlético (4:15 pm)

The African defender has become an important part of Simeon’s defensive system. Since his arrival in January, he has played every game (12) and has been a substitute in only one.

Reinaldo Mandawa during an Atletico training session.Chema MoyaEFE
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Yesterday, on the green of the Cerro del Espino de Mazadahonda, Diego Pablo Simeone spoke with Reinaldo Isnard Mandava (Bira, Mozambique, 1994). The Argentine coach was at the top of what is now one of their defensive pillars. The purpose of the conversation was to try to increase his speed in passing the ball. The African winger/central defender was the hero in one of his team’s best combinations, a few days earlier, in one of his team’s best combinations, a defensively irrepressible against the dreaded Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. His throw sparked an offensive on the first touch, with Rosiblancos defying the suffocating pressure of the set. guardiola, He set limits to perfection in the first act, where he repeatedly disappointed i cancel, Despite the defeat, that night he showed the world everything that was inside him. A city security worker asked if he could take a picture with her. Reinaldo gladly accepted. He had just climbed another rung in his career. So he had made a promise to his father before he died, when he was only 11 years old.

A little more than two months have passed since his signing for Atlético on the last day of the winter market (January 31), and Reynaldo, who had nothing to improve physically but tactically, was a has become an essential component simone, “It’s not easy to come in January and beat the master in such a short period of time, and playing too much defense,” he recognizes from the Rosiblanco club. With three million euros (Reinaldo’s contract expires in June) paid to French Lille, Atlético have managed to fortify their wall and are a credible left wing in matters of contention. Also, as the defender himself admits, the recruitment 30 million of fans. Residents of Mozambique, where it has become a symbol and example for many children who see football as a salvation.

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“Everybody knows my story. How I started, how I walked 50 minutes to training. Training room exhausted, hungry, knowing I wasn’t going to eat. I got over it and here I am, “He was honest in a Recent interview with Marka newspaper, At the age of 21, he lost his mother while emigrating to Portugal, shortly before his trip to Europe. He went to a Benfica subsidiary in 2016, multiplying the 30 euros he earned on his land. A team where they played, to put the name on the table, Lucas jovigonzalo gedesNelson Semedo or ivan saponjic, who left Atletico in January, days before landing in Madrid. On those dates, even a very young child walked the aisles of Benfica’s academy. joao flicksWhich turned Porto into Lisbon.

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with joao, nudge, Philip either I have given, his rival for the position, and now one of his best supporters, all united by the Portuguese language, have forged a strong partnership in the locker room. also with condogbia, because he speaks Spanish as well as French. Last week, after the game against Alavs, I asked louis suarez, He stands on his feet in the locker room.

Reinaldo doesn’t need specific milli that require holding himself in hand cholos, Perhaps, also because of the emergency behind. The power of the best left-back African defender in Ligue 1 with last season’s champions Lillee has managed to warm the team’s back. Founded as a left-back in the starting 11, the team has scored five goals in the last nine matches, with six consecutive wins in the league, going into the quarter-finals of the Champions League at Old Trafford and the fight is still open. After disappointing Almighty City for a long time, reached the semi-finals. His number in the Etihad, according to the special account Atlético Stats (@atletico_stats) were: 4/4 in tackles, 4/7 in duels, three recoveries and 80% passing accuracy. Fatal shipment of misfortune wanted foden De Bruyne slipped between his legs.

“He has tremendous strength”

On his first start, after a last-minute return against Getafe (4-3) at the Metropolitano two months earlier, Reinaldo entered the locker room in a thousand rounds and began to dance. In particular, to perform one of those dances typical of his native Mozambique. Among other things, it was the best celebration for him, because he did not know any of the songs that the rest of his classmates sang.

Last week, he made a comeback after completing the match with his national team, ahead of the rest of the international matches. Completing the group were Cerro del Espino’s training aides and youth boys. During the match he did not cut himself while entering the opponent in search of the ball. “He does not distinguish if in front of him debrienne Or one of the teens. He has tremendous power and shows that on the field”, they admire in the club’s offices. Although the excess of fire could have cost him against the CDs, where he saw a red card for a forceful tackle, which Finished. In a yellow card by VAR. “We saw that his intensity, aggression and defensive involvement could give us options to improve. With his presence, we started to gain that significant defensive strength”, admitted Simeone.

In Mallorca, face-to-face with former athletics coach Xavier AguirreReinaldo, the rock that accommodated the Rosiblanco bricks, continues to cover the cracks to Simeon’s delight. This is what has been baptized as the Reinaldo effect.

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