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Real Oviedo copies Sporting de Gijón and opens a new Mexican owner

The operation has been formalized after another conglomerate from the Mexican capital, Orlegi Sports, acquired a majority shareholding package from its rival Gijón Group.

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  • second division This is how Sporting de Gijón passed into the hands of a Mexican conglomerate: 42 million, a journalist and several unknowns.

Asturian football continues to change. Real Oviedo will also have a new asset for the 2022-2023 season, following the sale of Sporting de Gijón by the Fernandez family to investment group Orlegi Sports. This much Carso Groupa company that operates under its umbrella Charles Slimhas decided to reduce its claims on the entity by reducing its participation in the shareholding structure. From now on, Jess Martinez CourtyardThe chairman of Grupo Pachuca became the majority shareholder of the Carbine Group, holding 51% of the titles.

Even then, Transfer of ownership is not completebut partial. Grupo Carso controls 20% of the shares of Real Oviedo. The remaining 29 percent remains with the minority shareholders. “With great enthusiasm, we would like to inform you that we have decided to accept an offer to join the Pachuca Group of Mexico, to join the society of our beloved Real Oviedo,” the club said in its statement. ”

Carso Group acquired Real Oviedo in 2012 for a figure closer to 2 million euros. At the time, the unit was in limited condition due to inherited loans from the club’s previous managers. Since then, despite having managed to clean up the club financially, they have only achieved promotion to the Second Division in 2015.

The lack of sporting results has prompted a great discomfort In recent years among Real Oviedo fans who demanded greater participation from the maximum shareholder in the day-to-day activities of the club. Currently, Grupo is the owner of Pachuca. Pachuca to Tuzos (Mexico), Lion Club (Mexico) and Everton on Via del Maru (pepper). Last season, Real Oviedo finished the domestic competition in seventh place on points with Girona, but average In particular between the two teams they were prevented from entering play off Why climb?

Jess Martinez Patio (1957, Pachuca) begins his business adventures with a . did with small popcorn business, hot dog You Coke According to Latin American media, in a small bus station in Veracruz. Since then, its investments have not stopped growing and currently, it has over 3,000 employees under its supervision.

“Founder of the University of Soccer and Sports Sciences, the Center of Medical Excellence in Height (CEMA) supported by FIFA, the World Soccer Hall of Fame, and owner of three professional teams: Tujos del Pachuca, Club León and Everton de Via del Mar, which Coming from the bottom, fighting the Second Division, returning to the First Division to win various national and international titles in recent decades, turning its history into a mark of reform and leadership. For these reasons, we will initiate the Higher Sports Council before the relevant procedures, request its authorization so that this operation may be approved”, the club states.

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