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Real Madrid’s heavenly routine: They win their fifth European Super Cup

Real Madrid 2 – Intract 0

The white team defeated a wise Eintracht in Helsinki thanks to goals from Alaba and Benzema

Real Madrid players celebrate the title.Antonio CalaniAP

Real Madrid live in a heavenly routine that no rivals find a solution to. The defending Champions League champions continued their way with their fifth European Super Cup in Helsinki against Eintracht (2–0), who experienced the same suffering as the other victims. To deny Courtois, vinicius To fly and to build and eliminate Benzema.

didn’t want to see Carlo Ancelotti As a start it was the European Super Cup—after all, it was the first title of the new season—but as a continuation. Or, rather, as a tribute to those who allowed him to come here. So he was no doubt initially training with the same eleven players who were starting in their fourteenth Champions League victory at Saint-Denis. Thus, two new reinforcements remained on the bench, Antonio Rudiger You aurelian tchoumenikwhat Eden Hazardwhom his coach intends to give a final life as a supposed substitute for Benzema.

Ancelotti finds it difficult to take reasons away from him, especially considering how his Real Madrid continues to have an irresistible demeanor in the face of difficulties. What does it matter that in the first leg of the match Eintracht went between the lines before briefly hypnotic dribbling on his beard. Kamada, that Courtois would already appear to close the door and allow the arrival of better times. The Belgian goalkeeper, who had made just nine saves in the Champions League final, appeared in Helsinki to prevent Kamada from scoring the first goal. The Japanese footballer, with his life ahead, was overwhelmed by the fear of nothing to do with the imposing image of Real Madrid’s goalkeeper wondering where he could put the ball.

That action, the best that the Germans had conspired in the first act in which they were irrevocably backtracked, also proved to be a testament to how strange football is. mendy, On the healing side came a ball played between two rivals. The French side liked it so much that after a while it tried to do something similar again. This time Boots failed him. He was so taken aback by losing the ball that he chose to stand still and wait for Courtois to recover.

miraculous slap of trap

But it would be inconceivable without Madrid staying on the sidelines. Even if it is only for a moment. The Finns are accompanied by a mysterious expression that is impossible to translate. “Sisu” they call him. They say it is produced in the intestines. And those who come to him to find strength and bravery, where the rest see only problems and despair. There was nothing more to see than how Valverde started and tried to find places that didn’t exist. Or how Benzema and Vinicius intended to produce and run five footballers among the defense, in whose absence Eintracht was condemned Philip KostikA structural left-footer who had agreed to sign with Juventus just a day before the final was played.

Benzema celebrates his goal against Eintracht.Javier SorianoAFP

among valverde And Benzema coordinated so that Vinicius would be the one to shoot. Central defender Tuta had to run against the goal line to avoid a goal. Madrid’s second warning was far more serious. The Brazilian winger, this time, was the one who found the appropriate support in Benzema to turn, fly and force the target kevin trap For a miraculous slap. There was no consolation for Eintracht with the latter corner.

Benzema, who the day before explained how he had managed to do everything since Cristiano left, was in the air between the two rivals. Had Casemiro not seen the ball, the ball would have gone out, right into his backward pass so that Alaba, who prefers to go for the shot in strategy, is crowned in front of the small field. Real Madrid were so satisfied with that release that the Whites’ captain was a foot away from scoring the second after Kroos took the lead.

Casemiro, MVP

Technician tried to change the record Oliver Glasner Supporting the World Champion: mario gotze, He scored the most important goal of his life at the age of 22. no place. He did it in Maracan, where the glory and the great abound. And not at any moment, in a World Cup final, where there is no way to escape history. Götz would have loved to experience all that at age 35, and not when he was a kid who was told to build that control with his chest and perfecting that volley was an impossible routine.

Nothing could replace this gotz because Madrid really liked it. after what casemiro, who would be named MVP, tested the stability of the crossbar with hammer strikes, another run by Vinicius, this time enabled by Mendy, allowing Benzema to settle the night. The French striker didn’t even need to take control. He simply took his leg out and left the trap on Babia, unable to react.

Nothing can be condemned. It insists on making Real Madrid victory as its sole reason for being.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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