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Real Madrid – Getafe (2-0): Real Madrid enjoys the spring against Getafe | LaLiga Santander 2021

Real Madrid – Getafe (2-0)

Ancelotti rested Modric and Kroos, but the whites found themselves guided by Camaving. Casemiro and Lucas scored and Bernabeu smacked Bell, who returned to play at home two years later.

Casemiro and Marcelo celebrate Madrid’s first goal.Pierre-Philippe MarcoAFP
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a match in the middle of the quarter finals Champions And against an opponent from the middle of the table, full and interesting Saturday night in Madrid. Circumstances may seem overly comfortable, but real madrid I came in my own spring Stamford Bridge and confirm before jetafe positive inertia with which it moves Federation, Overcome the painfully classic and complex game of VigoMadrid derby serves as a windfall against Getafe Luka Modric and Toni Crosso And to condition parts of the second unit for the final segment of the season. casemiro You Lucas Vazquez Sentenced to a Quiet Afternoon for the Traveling Leader PizzaJun with a gain of twelve points over Easter Sunday Julen Lopetegui,

It wasn’t an easy start for the Whites, with Getafe accumulating a line-up of five defenders and three midfielders to block Madrid’s attack, but ancelotti relied on his most provocative players to encircle the target of David Soria, They’re on the stroke of April Fede Valverde, Vinicius Jr. and Karim Benzema, The Uruguay, off-roader, overcomes the lines like a man with a deep breath. The Frenchman settles where his team is needed, as always, descends a few meters to build tomorrow. And the Brazilian, always conscious of enjoying electricity and barnabue, was the flame of the first part.

Madrid went into the break with 12 shots with 71% possession and with one goal, a header from Casemiro, correcting his role as striker, followed by an excellent cross. out with vinicius, in the purest Luka Modric style. Another form of technological development that maral, Ancelotti’s team broke the table in the 38th minute, half an hour after attacking the opponent’s net. Benzema min 3. scored in, but Soto Grado called off the Frenchman’s goal for offside. They tried and they were close to scoring Marcelo, Lucas, Valverde and Vinicius, taking advantage of an organized attack across all Madrid diagonals, always looking to enter the wing against the Azulona defense populated with three central defenders and two lanes. In the attack, Quique’s men were unable to score.

camavinga, hull

without modric or croso For the first time since the cup match against Alcoiano, camavinga Used as a comp, and as good ones. The Frenchman needs and takes advantage of his minutes, and Madrid works with him, especially against such close rivals. Build, take risks, generate and work. He held the goal opening game for Vinicius, passing Casemiro 1–0. The midfielder has received awards for his improvement in recent days, although he will not be able to be at Pizzoon after seeing a yellow card for opposing.

A game, next Sunday, in which Madrid will arrive twelve points Onwards after a lockdown win in the second half yesterday. Getafe hasn’t changed its scriptWithdrew and waited for a counterattack, and Ancelotti’s team seemed comfortable in steady strikes, only gaining momentum when the duel called for it and once again focused the spotlight. Camavinga, Vinicius, always sharp, and Valverde, who was able to score with a whiplash from outside the box. he joined the party RodrigoAlong with numbers, good feelings are also needed. The Brazilian worked several walls with Lucas and Valverde and began to find holes in the opponent’s baseline. First with a fine cross that Soria cleared before Benzema came on and then a 2-0 assist for Lucas Vazquez. Madrid organized an offensive with Valverde down the right wing, the ball reaching Lucas, who swung deep for Rodrigo. He took advantage of the opportunity and assisted the Galician defender again, who happily scored Shanti’s goal with her left foot, freed from a mark.

second goal scored rest benzema Thinking about Chelsea and so that Modric and Kroos don’t even have minutes. Instead of the French striker he entered Gareth Bale, who played his first minute at the Burnaboo after more than two years and received a scintillating whistle. i also entered Ceballos by CasemiroWith ancelotti Continental tour focused. He is one of the few who deserves more minutes, the Italian coach said of him. Betis’s former formed a Young midfielder with Camavinga and Valverde. Madrid maintained the result against a dormant Getafe and slept soundly like the game, twelve points, leader, many leaders,

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