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Real Madrid and Barra Tour: from Ancelotti’s classics to the new Dembla

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Ancelotti has maintained the ground that the Champions League gave him last season. Xavi, for his part, sees how Demble is reborn and creates a version that is more committed to Baras.

Real Madrid and Barcelona meet in the USAAP
  • soccer Real Madrid pass the test for the Super Cup
  • soccer Demble and Lewandowski, heads and tails in Barra’s win against New York Red Bulls

Real Madrid is visitingi barcelona The United States has worked to make money, expand the market, and set up two projects that live in opposite ages. whites are a barrier on you Carlo Ancelotti He has made it clear that he is in no hurry to present the news. A ready group that required some filming to prepare for the European Super Cup against Eintracht Frankfurt on 10 August. Azulgrana, just a sketch with marked ideas that will need a few weeks to assimilate the signatures, but which is already shooting green. main one, revival Osman Demble.

If there was still doubt after Ancelotti’s solicitation, the last eleven against him Juve came to confirm his speech, The same players from the last Champions League final played and the same ones who will play the Super Cup in Finland in 10 days. The Italian coach has a block of confidence and whoever wants to enter will have to win it from the outside. continuity is reflected in a very compact teamWith a few cracks beyond summer’s oblivion.

Rdiger, who was drafted as a starter, went through two central positions and even left back, but at the dress rehearsal he remained on the bench. Too camavinga or tachoumnik, to whom you want to hand over the baton. Ancelotti spoke about it on board and in a press conference with two metaphors that, in addition to being ostentatious, make it clear where each midfield unit begins.

defined by regiolo Casemiro, Modric and Croso Like the ‘Bermuda Triangle’, “because that’s where the ball disappears”. And with youth preferring “rock and roll”, players are able to print a more direct, vertical and abrasive style. “I love both the classics and rock and roll,” he said after the win against Juve. But the first songs will be for classics. Also Casemiro questioned after his weakest season, and who answered the coach’s confidence with his best game of the summer.

Others walking on the wire prevail. Asensio and Ceballos, whom the club was looking for a way out, claim a place in the team, who knows in time. And Hazard, displaced for the role of ‘False Nine’ due to the damage of the overflow and the eruption of Vincius, is passing Benzema’s substitute test without fanfare.

the new dumbbell

for five years Osman Dembley Doubts about its renewal have been grounded. talent was always there, but not Continuity or commitment. one due to injuries; Second, because of late maturity. Faced with the skepticism of an area (no less) of fans, Xavi Hernandez’s faith. A belief that sometimes turns into exaggeration (“for me it’s better than Mbapp”), that demands a return gesture (“either upgrade or we find a way”) and that’s for now making payment. With four goals in three matches, the Frenchman has the best news to come out of the tour of the United States.

In an enclosure paying great attention to extremes, Demble and Rafinha They deliver a dose of lightning to the wings which in the absence of Barca revives the attack. Lewandowski sharpens the peephole, The French winger has qualified for a place in Xavi’s eleven after seeing himself from outside. In a plan that seeks the perpendicularity of its ends, the French will be fixed on one band and the other in a conflict between the Brazilian and Anu Fati, who has already recovered.

Tarasa’s coach said of the Frenchman, “He is a different player, special. He has to make a difference for us.” After giving the club an arm wrestle, after five years of intermittent flashing to the lantern he had no arm for, Ousmane Dembele seems ready to wear gallon that Xavi offers him.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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