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Rafa Nadal: “My body is like an old car, it needs time to start again”

Rafa Nadal: "My body is like an old car, it needs time to start again"

The Spaniard hopes to reach optimal form for Roland Garros in Rome, where he sees several candidates vying for victory.

Nadal against Alcaraz during the quarterfinal match in Madrid.AFP

Rafa Nadal is already in Rome, the last stop before attempting his fourteenth attack at Roland Garros, which will be the 22nd Grand Slam of his career. But Mallorcans like to go little by little. In Madrid, after stopping for more than a month and a half due to a rib injury, he reached the quarter-finals, where he lost to the then player Carlos Alcaraz.

“My body is like an old car, it needs time to start again. I’m almost 36, I’m not 19 anymore, so it always takes time to recover. But I am happy to be in Rome, a place that I love and where I have so many incredible memories,” Nadal said at a news conference.

Balearic knows he must “continue to improve”, although he believes it did not go “bad” in Madrid, in an appointment where “height” made it “more difficult”. “I haven’t trained for a month and a half, so I know it’s not instant to be able to gain confidence, level of play, athletic status and everything else,” he said.

In Foro Italico, he would try to “do his best”. ,I hope to be ready to play a little better than last week, Believe me and I hope I can have a great week,” added the 10-time champion at the Eternal City.

“Alcaraz is no wonder”

When asked about the ‘Alcaraz incident’, Manecour’s man admitted that his performance in Caza Magica did not surprise him “at all” “as it is nothing new”. “I’ve already won in Miami and Barcelona, ​​to be honest it doesn’t come as a surprise to me,” he said.

“I am happy for him, everyone knows how confident he can be at the moment and the level of tennis he is capable of playing. Winning at home is always special and it was definitely a special week for him. I am so glad that my country has got another amazing player they can count on for many years to come.“He celebrated about Mercian, who won’t play this Masters 1,000.

Nadal commented that he does not remember how his “first win” was treated as “several years” have already passed. “But in reality I can’t complain about how the media has treated me throughout my career, The treatment Carlos receives will depend on the results he achieves on the track and the way he treats people, especially fans and journalists.”

“Generally, in life you get what you give. In general, I think Carlos is a nice guy and it’s only natural that he’s getting all this attention at the moment., Both because he is too strong as a tennis player and because he is too young. The news is always more popular,” said the winner of 21 Grand Slams.

“There are many candidates for victory”

Facing Roland Garros, the Spaniard warned it meant “nothing special” that he would face Serbian Novak Djokovic, absent in Australia due to a vaccine issue. “Tennis is more important than Djokovic and me, and there are so many players who can fight for the title that matters. It’s not like five or ten years ago when it seemed that every tournament was between four players.” should be, and then between three. Today the situation is different”, Objective.

“With great humility, I think I can say that If Roger (Federer), Novak or I play, it’s better for tennisSince we are part of the history of our sport, but it is not the same as before, the situation has changed. We are getting old and the new generation is improving rapidly, Roland Garros will be a very important tournament and I think there are many potential candidates for victory.”

And as far as his chances of a fourteenth trophy and the ‘big’ No. 22 in Paris are concerned, he was in the clear. ,I no longer play for anything other than my personal happiness or my motivations, I am happy with what I am doing, I feel competitive and physically fit to compete. Obviously my age brings with it some problems, but there is a way to control them.”

Nadal is “happy” despite the fact that he has gone through “a difficult moment”. “I look forward to enjoying the tournament and it gives me a chance to play well in Rome and prepare for Roland Garros. The last two months have been tough, but almost 36 years old I had the best start of the season of my career, Everything is a matter of perspective and the positive things in my life far outweigh the negatives. It wouldn’t be fair to waste time complaining about what doesn’t work.”

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