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Quitting Tobacco and Starting Running at 37: The Story of Aroa So, One of the World’s Best Runners

The first Spanish woman in the last UTMB, 170 kilometers long, was given to a sedentary lifestyle and smoking until divorce, with some protests and invitations from a few friends changed her life.

So, in the past UTMB, in the Alps.Michael Raucraft
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aro so, For 37 years she works as an administrator for the Commonwealth of Montes de Vigo and gives private lessons to teenagers in the afternoon. He doesn’t do any sports, he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, he goes up a few stairs and drowns.

Aroa So 43 years old. He runs in the mountains, in fact he has a three-year contract with Kraft. This summer she has completed two of her most famous 170-kilometer races, the American Western States and the Montblanc Ultra Trail (UTMB), where she finished eighth.

How do you understand a change like this, so drastic, so late?

Now I am living another life, a dream. A few years ago, after the divorce, I was working for a long time, I could hardly see my daughter and I decided to prepare for the police exam. He told me to run a kilometer in less than four minutes and I managed to do it, I complied, but I almost died trying. I had a terrible time. Oh, I realized I had to change. If I continued down that path at 50 or 60, I would definitely have problems. I went to my GP for help quitting smoking and started exercising, going to the gym, cycling… but I had nothing to do with running. For months some friends insisted that I go out into the mountains with them until one day I accepted and I was blown away: We left at six in the morning and watched the sunrise from the top of the mountain. Odour! slides. And since then I haven’t stopped, trail running past UTMB, explains the sense of wonder. A budding artist ahead of more established figures like American Hillary Allen,

Michael Raucraft

His career defies all paradigms of elite sport, negating the importance of early expertise, though he does have a trick, the most famous trick: talent.

a platform to start

Because Aroa So started training at the age of 37, she had already practiced athletics as a child and excelled very quickly as she progressed again. In her first race, the 45-kilometer, 2016 Somido Challenge, she finished third practically without a hitch.

I was happy, super calm, passing out. I didn’t expect that result at all, more competition uxue fryer, which was ranked second in UTMB last year. ah a coach i knew, Xavier LaburuTold me I was a diamond in the rough and we started working together, remembers the runner whose life the mountain also turned in many other aspects: there she met her current husband, abel noAlso a runner and there she inspired her mother, who was over 60 years old, to become a runner.

Now then, with the peace of mind that he can devote himself 100% to mountain racing, prepares for the end of the season with a World Cup and looks far away. Despite his age, he is a newcomer to the elite and has nothing to do with retirement. Continue to body d, release it when you see I’m stuck. I know I’m not going to be on it forever, I’m enjoying it. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had started at the age of 20, but maybe now I would be more tired. I’m 43 and I feel so refreshed, the most unexpected mountain runner ends: from smoking and a sedentary lifestyle to the top.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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