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Qatar 2022 World Cup draw: A road of thorns awaits Spain in Qatar

Qatar 2022 World Cup draw: A road of thorns awaits Spain in Qatar

Qatar 2022 World Cup Draw

The winner of the playoff between Germany, Japan and Costa Rica and New Zealand will be decided. If it advances, Croatia will leave the group formed by Belgium, Morocco and Canada in the 16th round.

Luis Enrique during a draw in Doha.AFP

We are a team that can beat anyone, but can also lose to anyone. These are the words of the coach of a team called Spain, which met its first rivals this Friday Qatar World Cup (from 21 November to 18 December). To get started, data: the selection will start on that day Against Costa Rica or New Zealand on Wednesday, November 23 (5:00 PM), as both will play the playoffs in June. Later, The first leg of this Star Clash will arrive against Germany (8:00 PM) on Sunday, November 27., At the end, On Thursday, December 1, Spain will close this round against Japan (8:00 PM).

As always, the top two players in the group qualify for the Round of 16. Feather Group FWhich will surpass the selection in case of achieving the first objective, is Croatia, Belgium, Canada and Morocco, Thinking ahead, Spain goes to the side of the table where they belong Brazil and Portugal In the form of more named teams. group of luis enrique He would avoid France until an imaginary final, as the French are in Group D. This is already speculation, so that all the attention of the coach is focused on these three rivals, of whom he already knows two. There is no fear, what is there is a lot of illusion, she said Jose Francisco MolinaSports Director.

My body remains the same as it was before the draw. Regardless of who touched us, being there is already a reward. We face Germany, and I don’t know much about the rest, it’s time to analyze, make sure luis enrique in mixed area. We will continue to rely on who we are as a team, our style is very clear and the idea we have. The competition against us is very complex and we will be hard to beat, said Asturian, who justified his project. Germany are a force to be reckoned with that by changing the coach, who is at the top, we can already see that their numbers have improved. It is also in renewal time, but we are Spain, seventh in the world ranking, and we are going to conquer the world, he said before admitting again that he did not have much data on Japan, New Zealand and Costa Rica. , Sports director Molina said, “There is no fear, what is there is a lot of confusion.”

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The opponent with the most names is, of course, Germany. by the hand of gasp flickwho changed Joachim Lvoremains undefeated, although he has not faced great rivals except Netherlands In the last friendship, where I drew. The team’s highlight is its offensive ability, which is based mainly on the upside from the midfield. Bayern Munich, although it also has defensive problems, something almost conventional in recent years. Examples, which are many, are good enough for Spain (Euro 2008 Final, World Cup 2010 Semi Finaletc…) and, especially, the last one, is very positive with landslides (6-0) Cartuja de Sevilla. In To qualify for the Nations League Finals.

Japan This is a very tough team, a good portion of the team that played at the Tokyo Olympics, and which Spain was able to defeat in extra time with a goal from Marco Asensio in the semi-finals. With a good strategic order and tremendous physical deployment, this will be the last blockage, it remains to be seen what points are needed at stake. There is only one precedent: 1-0 in favor of Spain in 2001. Theoretically, the most comfortable match is the initial one, because neither Costa Rica From kelor navso No New Zealand They look like rivals with a pedigree, but the first match of a great championship like this is always very treacherous. background? Only three against Costa Rica (two wins and one draw) and none against New Zealand.

The draw partially fulfilled a desire of the coach, who wanted to start as late as possible, as it is known that the national league will kick off on the weekend of 12–13 November and the World Cup will start on Monday 21st. Will happen. Spain will have a few more days to go as they make their debut on Wednesday.


What the federation wants the team to focus on for the tournament Qatar University, These facilities are located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the center Doha, is the preferred destination of the visiting delegation of several options. That place, very spacious and that too accommodating Argentinawas booked by Egypt, but since ‘Pharaoh’ was not classified, it has been left free. However, Argentina has requested the same facilities to accommodate groups of relatives and guests. FIFA has to make the final decision and it will be known in the next few days. Spanish delegation, made up of Nuria Martinez‘Team-Manager’, Jose Francisco MolinaLuis Enrique, the sports director and coach, left, satisfied with his final visit to the teaching center.

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