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Prosecutor’s office demands 2 years in prison for Neymar and 5 years for Rossel for striker’s contract in Barra

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They agreed to transfer 40% of their rights back to the owner’s fund.

Former FC Barcelona President Sandro Rossel arrives at the National Court.getty
  • soccer Neymar will be tried in October for irregularities in his transfer to Barcelona
  • Courts Justice gave Sandro Rossel 29 million . offered 18,000 euros in compensation for nearly two years in prison against the claim of

The prosecutor’s office has asked football player Neymar to be sentenced to two years in prison Alleged corruption and fraud In the contract for his signing at FC Barcelona, ​​and for that reason he calls for a five-year prison sentence for the then Blagrana president, Sandro Rossel.

The indictment, consulted by Europa Press, states that Rossel, as president at the time, began negotiations to sign Neymar in 2011, when he played for Santos FC and a contract with a termination clause of 65 million until 2014. did.

Rossel and Neymar’s father, who represented the footballer, agreed that Barra will pay the player 40 million to ensure his signing in 2014when he was free from Santos, and he advance 10 million with this time The stipulation is that if Neymar violates the agreement, he will have to return the money.

The deal meant that in 2011 Neymar had promised to sign for Barra in the future, and prosecutors state that it “Prevented other clubs from participating freely in the market”.

The agreement was closed with two contracts and Barra paying him a 10 million advance, and the other 30 being distributed in two more payments: one in 2013 and the other in 2014.

Prosecutors say that, in addition Change transfer marketThis caused damage to the DIS Fund, which had a percentage of its economic rights and was seen Denies the possibility that Neymar could receive a huge sum for his transfer Had he entered the transfer market.

without board authorization

The prosecutor’s brief also states that Rossel and then-first vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, agreed in 2013 to hope to sign. “Without permission of the Board of Directors”In a decision that included obtaining the striker’s federal rights.

As a result of this advance of signature, Rossel offers footballer a higher salary than agreedwho asked an older cousin to join Barra a year before agreeing, but wanted hide this overload than what had been planned.

According to the prosecutor, he also agreed with Santos FC to pay directly for the federal rights “Thus avoid paying 40% in DIS fund which corresponds” about these rights.

10 lakh fine

in this matter, Prosecutors claim to have fined both Rossel and Neymar 10 million eurosApart from this, the jail sentence of five and two years respectively which he has asked to be imposed on them.

He also characterized player’s father an alleged offense of corruption in business, for which he has asked the court He was sentenced to two years in prison and fined 10 million euros.

Also accused in the case are representatives of Santos FC, from whom the prosecutor is seeking three years for alleged fraud, and FC Barcelona as a legal person.

For the Blagrana club, the prosecutor claims a fine of 8.44 million For alleged offenses of corruption in trade and fraud, and the Brazilian club has requested a fine of 7 million for the alleged fraud.

the prosecutor has asked Case filed against former President BartomeuBecause, although he had participated in the signing of one of the contracts, there is no evidence that he was aware that negotiations were being conducted with the DIS fund and his back in “outside FIFA rules”.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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