Home Sport Prophet Reyes Pla’s Lost Medal: “It Has Been An Injustice”

Prophet Reyes Pla’s Lost Medal: “It Has Been An Injustice”

Prophet Reyes Pla's Lost Medal:

The Spaniard lost points against Julio Tsar la Cruz in the quarterfinals and complained bitterly about the judges’ decision: “He fired more blows. But the judge is in command.”

Reyes Pla during the fight against La Cruz.louis robioAFP

“It was an injustice,” he complained bitterly. rafa lozano, the last Spanish boxer to win a medal at least 21 years ago. And the hero later confirmed it, an Enmanuel Reyes pla who doesn’t lose his smile even on the ring: “You saw who was in charge. The referee saw it upside down.”

on Friday Kokugikan Arena It was bitter for Spain, with two losing medal choices. First Ghazi Khalidov, then the Prophet, who was determined to have rings, blue underpants and shirts. That he dominated the center of the ring, turning deaf ears to shout at the rosterum of the Cuban delegation, his native country.

But the judges won the first round Julius Caesar the Cross, a man who fights off guard, who dances around his opponent until he becomes despondent. In the second, however, the Spanish prevailed and in the third and in the final everything was resolved in a fight between two undefeated boxers.

The decision was as unanimous (5-0) as the anger of the Spanish delegation. “It’s been contradictory. I felt like a winner. I did my boxing, I took more blows, most effective. But the judges are the ones who rule,” the Spaniard summed up.

“We worked hard for five years and they came and did it to you.”