Premier League: Liverpool end City siege and keep Premier alive

Premier League: Liverpool end City siege and keep Premier alive

Klopp’s team neutralized the leader’s advantage at the Etihad on two occasions. Seven days’ absence gives the champion a point advantage.

De Bruyne during the match against Liverpool.EFE
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Manchester City You liverpool tie (2-2) and the Premier League is still alive, with pep guardiola one point up jurgen kloppe And seven days ahead for the Spanish coach to retain the title or for the German to take the crown from him. [Narración y estadísticas]

The classic of the last four years did not disappoint since the ball rolled, but, despite a heavy City glimmer, the 90-minute superior and owner, Liverpool, came alive. And with him, the Prime Minister.

With no time or where to catch your breath, the city showed muscle. Raheem Sterling missed a head in front of allison, Gabriel Jesus He served him the right ball, but it was passed to the Englishman in front of the goalkeeper at night. A failure that didn’t even have time to think about it. seconds later, Kevin De Bruyne Caught the ball in three quarters, dribbled fabinho and ended, with the fate in which he had played matipo And the ball crossed Alison.

City struck first at crushing pace, but the lead lasted seven minutes. with thiago lowering the balls in the middle, Andy Robertson crossed the ball into the field, Alexander-Arnold adjusted it and diogo jota match tie.

defensive chaos

Liverpool looked ready to fight, but due to a fear edersonCity, with the ball rolling over the goal line, had the reigns. The pressure from Celestes was unbearable for Klopp’s team, which was completely out of place in the defence. Guardiola’s men were second with a shot from De Bruyne who grazed a post and with a shot i cancel Towards the net.

It was to be a Portuguese winger in his role as a passer, who generated 2–1 with a cross behind the defense in which Alexander-Arnold lost the mark to Gabriel Jess. The Brazilian entered alone at the far post and lifted the ball over Alisson.

City had another gear they were smashing Liverpool, a team that had won ten in a row as of this Saturday. A team that doesn’t need anything to score. The referee blew the whistle at the start of the second half and at 50 seconds request saw a gap between the center back and filter the ball so that mane Defined before Ederson.

City missed the target, hoping the game would turn 2-1 in a landslide, as it did in 2021 (1-4) and 2020 (4-0). Mane’s target served as a warning. City was better, but few ‘Reds’ could jump off the bench. As the minutes passed, City saw that the tie was not bad and allowed them to keep a one point advantage and the league was decided by a third party. In a goal from Sterling, which invalidated VAR, in a foul on a goal post, he was able to get very close to him. Mahrez The Algerian in Vaseline in extra time and in the final seconds, but was 2–2 last.

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