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Premier League: Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t even solve Manchester United’s depression: Beating in Brentford and down

Scored four goals in 35 minutes (4–0) and added two defeats in their first game. Portuguese striker played from start to finish

Cristiano Ronaldo mourns after one of the conceded goals.Ian WaltonAP
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Manchester United faces tremendous, unpredictable impacts, a perfect storm for a club of such dimension and the recently released Erik ten Haag project is down, flushed, jumbled and disoriented during their visit to Brentford. It turned out to be a total disaster in the group, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Christian Eriksen or Bruno Fernandes 4-0 in 35 minutes to uncover an incredible error by David de Gea.

The 1-2 match against Brighton at Old Trafford a week ago was no accident. The team’s collapse in the final stages of last year was no coincidence. There is not a single aspect that identifies the present-day Manchester United from its history. no signal. Nor does his millionaire potential, no matter how much he has invested in the previous market.

This is an absurd thing. Faces of impotence, despondency or despair reveal a disproportionate drift for their employees to date so quickly and the hope that should spark their new cycle. And in sight, Liverpool is already visible next Monday.

It describes the desolation of David De Geaimpotence of there is a hago On the bench, with a gesture of denial that reveals the coach’s understanding with everything that happened in the first half at Brentford’s GTech Stadium, or the explanation they asked each other and had none of. It is not easy for players of such caliber to understand how United landed more on the deep end of the cliff for themselves than for the strengths of their opponent, who had done nothing when they reached 1-0.

The first goal was centered on David de Gea. His grave mistake points to him as a 1-0 offender, who slipped under his stretch when he had an easy stop. until dasilva, a right footed shooter from outside the field, was surprised by such success. It was the 10th minute. But 2-0 also puts the goalkeeper among those responsible, too compelled, even from inside the field—and behind—for getting out of such an unfair ball from the range. ericssonTo which Jensen swiped the ball to hit a defeated goalkeeper.

United’s defense, a deal

No one was spared at United. His defense is such a clear deal that any team, any footballer, today feels capable of crossing it without any boundaries. a lisandro martínezBrand new signature he paid for €67 millionThis was indicated not by Ten Haig with his replacement at half-time (he also replaced Luke Shaw and Fred at half-time), but 3–0, when his lack of force in the fight for the shot with Mee Put them in evidence, after a serve from a corner to the far post that the defender finished first.

United’s nightmare went further: 4-0 in the 35th minute. This arose from his own attack, directed by Jensen from his territory for clearance. Tonywho, already in the second field, saw the race of the first, mumbumofaster, stronger, stronger than luke shawDefeat De Gea again to complete the vortex that portrays the moment for the Manchester team and Ten Haag, who is overwhelmed by the sequence of events.

Nor did I respond in the attack. Ownership Cristiano Ronaldo nothing has changed. Two headers in the second half. little more. nor Bruno Fernandes nor ericsson nor rashford nor Jadon Sancho, not even after Anthony Elanga, although he had already departed at the loss of the game, when the storm had already swept United in the first half, who received no further punishment after some interference by De Gea. They’re six-digit zeros in two days, straight to the unbearable bottom of classification. very expressive.

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