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Praise Ramos’ ‘4,’ But With His Personality: “I Didn’t Come To Compare Myself To Others”

Praise Ramos' '4,' But With His Personality:

“There were no other big numbers available. I know what ‘4’ means and it’s an honor to wear it,” says the Austrian, presented at the Bernabeu.

Praise with a Madrid shirt on the Bernabéu pitch.real Madrid

David Alaba He stepped onto the Santiago Bernabeu pitch for the first time wearing a Real Madrid shirt. The Austrian defender, posing as a new white player, would wear number 4, which he had belonged to for the past few seasons. Sergio Ramos. However, Alaba is clear that he has not come to Madrid “to compare himself with others”. “I personally decided to take this step to grow as a player and as a person. I got different offers and one option for me was Real Madrid. It’s like a dream come true, this The biggest club in the world,” he remarked during the event.

florentino parezzoBernabeu, the president of Real Madrid, accompanied Alaba during the event at the Box of Honor. After a brief speech where he uttered his first words in Spanish, the former Bayern player posed in his new colors before answering questions from the press.

The responsibility of filling the gap left by Ramos, who left for PSG a few weeks ago, doesn’t seem to bother the foreigner who has played the most matches with Bayern. “On Tuesday I spoke with the club about this and they gave me this option. There were no other big numbers available. I know what ‘4’ means and it’s an honor to wear it. It’s also something like What inspires me. A lot. It is a number that represents strength and leadership. I want to give my everything,” he clarified.

“It would have been nice to play with him”

“I have not come to Madrid to compare myself with others. I am here to remain David Alaba. But I want to contribute my abilities. I will try to contribute my strengths. On a human level I myself Will try to be,” the double Champions League winner (2013, 2020) added.

“I would have loved to play with Ramos. He has been successful for a decade and is a leader. It would have been a pleasure for me to play with him and learn from him. I would love to play with him too.” Rafael VaraneHe is a player who has played excellent football for many years. He is a player who is a great defender and has great qualities,” he added of the Frenchman, who could also leave Chamartin in the Premier League’s direction.

When asked whether they felt gone Zinedine Zidane, admitted that he was “sorry” for the departure of the French coach, but admitted that he was also “overjoyed” that Carlo Ancelotti His replacement was because he has known him from his time at Bayern and maintains “an excellent relationship”.

“I’m flexible”

Similarly, he did not specify what his priorities were when playing in a position and left everything in the hands of Ancelotti. “I’m a flexible player. It’s no secret, I can play in different positions. Where I can play is decided exclusively by the coach.”

In the end, he insisted that he wanted to learn to speak Spanish: “I know a few words, there were Spanish players in our team at Bayern. I haven’t learned much yet, but I’ll be able to communicate with myself as soon as possible.” Will learn the language as much as possible. Teammates”, finished.