Playing Tennis at the Tokyo Boiler:

Many tennis players condemn the sporting event, which forces them to play in the central hours of the hottest day of the year. Badosa faints and drops out of singles and doubles: only Cario is still in competition

Paula Badosa is retiring from competition this Tuesday.Lucy NicholsonReuters
  • news Paula Badosa withdraws from sports in wheelchair due to heatstroke

“It’s very hot here, isn’t it?” asks a German journalist in the middle of the mixed area and soon after she faints, and you have to catch her, and a hundred volunteers show up – one up, one down – take her on a stretcher to the medical center, Somewhat exaggerated protocol. It’s pretty hot, sure, but it’s not the worst. Nepartak said four drops of rain raised the humidity percentage in Tokyo the day before, and that’s saying a lot in Japan. very.

The thermometer shows 33 degrees, but the thermal sensation rises to 40 and the sun blows, crushes, crushes the cloud without hiding it for some time. German journalists already alert, indoors and with snow on their heads, very red tennis players begin to appear in front of the microphone, each more exhausted, each more annoyed. It is afternoon and none of them understand what he is doing here. All participants unite in one voice to condemn the abuse by the organization of the Games: If they march to Marathon and Phra Sapporo to escape hot flashes, it is inconceivable that tennis will be held on the hottest day in Tokyo Bay. is being played. of the year, and at the worst hours.

“There was a time when I started seeing little black dots, I thought I was going to faint. Between point and point I didn’t know what to do to lower my body temperature. I asked the judge complained, I reminded them that if I died on the track I would be responsible”, condemns the Russian Daniil Medvedev In a vowel that rises later. A journalist appoints Russia to veto the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over its doping cases, asks him if he sees it as stigma and calls for his expulsion from the Games.

“This is the first time in my life that I don’t answer a question! You should be ashamed! Get him out! Get him out of here!”, he shouts as he walks into the locker room. This Wednesday he will rival Pablo Carreo, the only Spaniard alive in the entire tournament to make the semi-finals and, if the tantrum continues, let’s see who can stop him.

“They bring their own sunglasses”

In addition to the editor’s expulsion, Medvedev demands changes from the organization, rescheduling all games at night, playing at dawn if necessary, and he is not alone in this. Most tennis players who played between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. asked for a solution, not a patch. The Games held this Tuesday allowed, as is done on the hot days of the Australian Open and US Open, a 10-minute break between the second and third sets, but some did not reach that stage of the match.

“It’s crazy that they force us to play in the afternoon with 40 degree heat. I’m so angry because it can’t happen that three people who are in an office with air conditioning decide that We have to compete like this. They’re sitting in their chairs and then when we finish they come to greet us, with their sunglasses on. We’re not playing tennis here, we’re watching Who can last longer. Today it looked like ‘The Walking Dead'”, criticizes Argentina Diego Schwartzman After that ended and named the most important case of the day, the case that took a fair share of the Spanish medal choices at the Ariake Tennis Park in Tokyo: the fainting Paula Badosa.

Shortly after noon, suddenly, a blackout. In the quarterfinals, Paula Badosa dominates the Czech Marketa Vondrosova When, at the end of two consecutive long exchanges, it melts. His subsequent servings are the slowest of his career and the one sitting on the bench no longer rises. Call the doctor to get back together and get back in the game, but there’s no way. She can’t even walk and is disoriented, leaving the track in a wheelchair without knowing where she is.

“It was a heat stroke. Suddenly he felt bad, he felt bad… Now he is better, but he has a lot of headache. He is with doctors for an hour, drinking water, to cool the body is with ice. , then she managed to take a shower and eat something and finally she was able to go to the Olympic Village. She is morally touched by what has happened because she has taken a very good opportunity to enjoy had earned for”, explains her coach Javier Marto When it is 4:00 in the evening and the feeling of heat subsides. play again Garby Muguruza against kazaz Elena Rybakina You Alexander Davydovich against Novak Djokovik And both fall on track to complete the Spanish Black Day.

feasible solution

Then Djokovic, the players’ representative, appears in a settled tone to remember that, as they continue like this, there will be no tennis players who want to play a game. And like everyone else, he only names the craziness of finishing a tournament in a week with three categories, singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Most competitors, as was the case in Badosa on Tuesday, double with morning and afternoon games and the next day, they are minimal. In the longer term, for the Paris 2024 Games, the path is to extend the Games by two weeks, some too difficult due to calendar tightness, or eliminate some of the boxes. In the short term, the solution is simply to think that tennis players are humans and cannot perform at 40 degrees in a boiler.