Home Sport Players from Spain who compete on Thursday 29 and their medal choices

Players from Spain who compete on Thursday 29 and their medal choices

Players from Spain who compete on Thursday 29 and their medal choices

Spain fights for medals in two rowing finals. Spanish shooter Alberto Fernandez also with options to achieve great results. Basketball teams, on the other hand, can take a certain step toward the playoffs.

Jaime Canalejo and Javier Garca both compete without a male rowing helmsman duringEFE

Double world champion, in Olympic pit competition Alberto Fernandez Reaches finalist status in the final two series and wishes to move to the final which will be played later, while there are options for much more remote Fatima Gloves.

Those who have assured the appearance of two in their respective finals without a helm Virginia Dazs and Aina Sid, in female, and Jaime Canalejo and Javier Garca, in the masculine. Both the pairs will fight for the medal, while Caetano Horta and Manel Balastegui They will do it for the Olympic diploma in the light double sculls.

They will participate in the representation of Spain Adri Arnaus and Jorge Campillo (0:30 hours)

With the representation of the final of two without male helmsman Javier Garca and Jaime Canalejo (02:18 hours)

with the representation of the last two without a female helmsman Mirror Sid and Virginia Daz (02:30 hours)

Men’s Light Double Pair with Final B Manel Balastegui and Caetano Horta (01:50 hrs)

with male fossa Alberto Fernandez (02:50 hrs)

with female fossa Fatima Gloves (02:00 hours)

Daniel Castro – Chun Heng Wei (02:30 h)

C-1 with semi-finals Naria Villarubia (07:00 hours)

Men’s singles quarterfinals: Father Cario Busta – D. Medvedev (10:00 hours)

Women’s 800m Freestyle. with the representation of Miria Belmonte and Jimena Praz Blanco (from 12:12 onwards)

Women’s 200 meters with backstroke africa zamorano (13:16 hours)

Combined with the 200m semifinal Hugo Gonzalez de Oliveira (05:14 hrs)

200m breaststroke with semifinal Jessica Vallu (12:12 hours)

200m backstroke with semifinal Nicolas Garcia (04:04 hrs)

Feminine: Spain – Serbia (10:20 am)

Male: Spain – Argentina (2:00 pm)

Male: Spain – Kazakhstan (04:30 h)

Female: Brazil – Spain (04:00 h)

Feminine: Spain – China (11:30 a.m.)

Laser Standard: Joel Rodriguez

Radial Laser: Christina Pujol

49er: Diego Botton and Iago Lepez Maras

Nakra 17: Florian Trettel

Rs.: X Female: blanca staging

RS:X Men: angel granda

470 Men: Jordi Zammer and Nico Rodriguez

470 Female: Sylvia Maas and Patricia Cantero