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Pelo Bilbao, the slow growing corridor, leaves in the Alpso

The Spaniard loses the hill round general classification for not supporting Bardet’s attack in the final climb of the stage won by Pinot.

Pinot celebrates his victory.groupama

The curse continues in the Alpine peaks. paleo bilbao (Guernica, 1990) failed in his attempt to become the first Spaniard to win the Tour of the Alps, a round which was intended to showcase the climbers and serve as a preparation for the Giro d’Italia, which would take the next 6 Will start from May. The Basque, on a rainy day, did not know how to maintain the minimum fare of two seconds that he had over the French Romain Bardet To be awarded the test on the previous day.

The winner of the final stage, with a start and finish in Lienz, was the Frenchman. Thibaut Pinot, who had not won the Tour de France’s 2019 Tourmalet stage for more than a thousand days. The French defeated his escape mate, the Spanish, David de la Cruz. Double Spanish defeat against French. On the concluding day, Navarrese also played a major role. Igor Arietta (19 years), who got into a good macro break of the day, having a more than 12-minute advantage over the group of favourites.

Pelo Bilbao, who will share gallons at the next Giro d’Italia Mikel Landa, left the last port, Stronach, 10 kilometers from the finish line, where Bardet accelerated without opposition from the Basques. In second-class port and just over three kilometres, he clocked 25 seconds, an income that was increased to 39 seconds at the finish line. A test for the Bahrain rider, who finished fourth overall, was also defeated by the Australian Michael Storer and dutch Thiman Eresmann. The best Spaniards in the history of touring the Alps have been the best Spaniards Miguel Mara Lassasecond in 1975, and Jess HeradaSecond, in 2016. were third luis oka (1973), Samuel Sanchez (2003) and ricardo serrano (2007).

Bilbao climbs with ease, descends with skill and is quick in ramp finishes, as they have shown in this edition of the Tour of the Alps and the Tour of the Basque Country, beating the world champions. Julian Alaphilippe, But it lacks the strength of great climbers on high peaks. It is a late runner. It is only in his late thirties that he has started showing his peak performance. In the current cycle of rapid consumption and enduring competition to break records of prematurity, his case is an anomaly. He did not take interest in cycling until his teens. He says that till the age of 14, he remained ignorant of this world. So when I was a student I bought a bike from a classmate for just 100 euros.

Bilbao was trained at the Euscaltail youth academy and jumped to the pros at Orbea at the age of 20. His first win came in 2014 at the Clasica de Primavera, but he had to wait until 2018, when he was 28, to speed up the development. That season, already in the ranks of Astana, he won a stage in the Tour of the Alps and another. Critrium Dauphin and finished sixth in the Giro d’Italia. A course later he surprised with two stage victories at the Giro d’Italia. His remarkable performance garnered the interest of several teams. Finally, in 2020, he hired her to be a squire for his friend Mikel Landa in Bahrain. That year he finished fifth in the Giro. In 2021 he won a stage again in the Alps round and showed great consistency in the Tour de France: fifth overall.

Bilbao is the banner of the so-called lost generation, a group of Spanish runners left in no man’s land after a spectacular cycle to opposevalverde, Purito Rodriguez, fear, Carlos Taylor either Samuel Sanchezand disruption of youth John Ayuso You Carlos Rodriguez, At 32, this year is the fifth most outstanding of people like Mikel Landa (32), Ion Izaguire (32), Omar fryry (31) or David de la Cruz (31). They are no less sociable or rank leaders. They are quality lieutenants. Good on all terrains, but without crack marks.

The mountaineer from Bahrain admits he has been marked by that prodigious generation. “The comparisons are disgusting. Difficult to match in quantity and quality What did Contador, Purito, Valverde achieve… In 10 years it would be impossible for Slovenians to fight two figures for almost all the important races globally. These are streaks, but the important thing is that our presence will remain. Maybe not so much with victories, but because of attitude and being a hero in the race”, he commented in a recent interview in ‘Marca’.

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