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Pedri serves as a table for Barcelona. LaLiga Santander 2021

A talent from the Canaries put down Sevilla’s resistance and propelled Barcelona to second place.

Pedri celebrates the winning goal against Sevilla.Louis JeanAFP
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padrea He has something for which any football player would lay down his life: while everyone else is running, he stops; When everyone falls, he gets up. He reconstructs time and space at will and condemns his rivals for not understanding. sand rakitic before it appeared for the first time. the tower fell Diego Charles before the other. And Pedri, with all his life and glory ahead of him, shot with the faith of the chosen ones. deeply concerned He grew to know that he was defeated. And Sevilla, who had resisted so much to remain in second place, found it free from Barcelona. Xavi Emphasizes on continuous growth. [Narracin y estadsticas: 1-0]

It was a great day for the president too laporta, Just a few hours earlier, without blinking an eye, he celebrated the deal with Spotify, the biggest sponsorship in Barra’s history. They were also not required to show deal figures to the 906 negotiating partners, which were sufficient to recognize themselves in the telematic assembly at the time of the vote. 4,478 were summoned. after that bartomeu Barcelona members, far from being extremely cautious and defending their presumed status as owners of the club – now a family business – according to Laporta, opt for oversight similar to drug companies. .

It is these issues that remain in the pipeline when players like Pedri amaze in their wake. Or when the players of Xavi, who came to cheer their fans after their exhibition at the Bernabeu, continued their good fortune. However, about the defensive facilities Madrid got ancelotti near that bone he’s become Julen Lopetegui to Seville.


Lopetegui is still remembered for his discreet stint as Barcelona goalkeeper at the Camp Nou in the mid-1990s – in memory of a spectral flight in 1994. Fig Tree Package In a game that saw Zaragoza score five goals in the Super Cup—but also for five goals (5-1), which led to his sacking as coach of Real Madrid in 2018. Memory can be stupid, but never unreasonable. And Lopetegui has plenty of arguments to defend its value. For example, the labyrinth in which he placed a barn who went through various states of mind: from the joy of the first to the impatience of the beginning of the second. to end with an oppression to which the people of Seville no longer knew how to respond, no matter how Augustinson He had the last tie in his shoes after an error of ter stegen,

Sevilla peels the ball. Although this did not serve to create a threat, but to gain strength in all the defensive aids that were placed on the board and ordered from the field. Kaund and Diego Carlos. with tactical As a theoretical centre-forward, the Seville team had no hesitation in defending the front of the field with a double line of four and five players, which turned the inner corridors into a ditch.

Again, the azulegrana response must come from the sides. almost always from football Dembley, which may never be able to distinguish genius from the absurd and the bizarre. after that Fernando Torres Appeared on a cold Barcelona night with a thread that called for a courtship with the squad, Demble began to create opportunities. He ran so much and dribbled so well that it was unbearable to see how he got tangled in the end.

i checked djong, for which Dembele sent a ball very high into Golmouth. Or Ferran, to whom the same thing happened because of a center, which was a hammer blow. Or Diego Carlos, who watched as Dembele destroyed his hip and found that he would have a new opportunity to snatch the ball from him.

Bono warns that where Diego Carlos and Kaunda will not go, their hands will go. there were iron in the shots aubameyang or in a header from Ferran, and Giles arauzzo, The former City striker has had an impact on a wave of opportunities for Barra, who already knew he could not lose sight of his back. ocampos did not reach a center Navasi In a transition and Rakitic, from a direct free kick, stay as close bickeringThe one who dropped the ball into the crossbar.

Until Demble stopped and knew there would be no other way than the one shown by Pedri, the guy who already serves as a table, without knowing it.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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