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Pedri cures all diseases of Barcelona. LaLiga Santander 2021

Pedri cures all diseases of Barcelona.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Raise – Barcelona (2-3)

Barra broke Levante’s hand with the Canaries in the second half in which they were awarded three penalties.

Luuk de Jong celebrates Barcelona’s winning goal.AFP
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Bara doesn’t know how to play without fun. His vision of football is made up of gloating and for that he needs players like Pedri and Gavi on the pitch. The Shameless team, sparkling under the influence of Xavi, cannot live without him. He had to appear to ease the agony at the Orioles, to avoid a second consecutive offense, to take away three penalties, and above all, a Levante who, for 50 minutes, dressed him, stealing every ball. took what he tried to collect and condemned to see it. Another effective way to win matches. That was an Odyssey without Pedri on the pitch. [Narracin y estadsticas: 2-3]

Guided by Morales, with conviction and some flourishing out of necessity, Grenotus short-circuits a bara who repeatedly falls into his trap. Accustomed to giving battles to the Giants, and although the priority is to get out alive this season, no one in Ciutat gave up on the fashionable team fighting against the ropes. The full metaphor that salvation, like victory, will be the forgiveness of all sins, is what capitalizes many more in offices and lawns this year.

Avis Morales taking advantage of Alves’ overconfidence with a horizontal pass just in front of the field in 20 seconds. Much leeway in the field where he has scored eleven goals in the last four seasons. He tried to destroy Barra with such low precision that Granota could only steal and run. That strategy was as basic as it was effective in the first part. While Xavi yelled at his men that they should come back every now and then, Morales continued to drive Araujo and Alves insane, affected by a Morec ankle. Nico didn’t even show up, Demble was stopped by Son and Ferran got the best pass from Ter Stegen so that he could crash into Cárdenas’ body.

Rick García appeared to avoid a Maradona goal from Jose Luis Morales. The captain removed Araujo from the right, looked down the aisle, slid with a dodge and his shot was deflected off Ter Stegen’s leg so that the defender could take him under the same stick. Barra was desperate in recent weeks without finding a way to stop the final classified disguised as his worst opponent.

Pedri without a boot during a match against Levante.AP

Try to revive Levante now that Alessio Lischi has settled on the bench. Flamboyant and stubborn, the young Italian coach does not want a shadow role. And he didn’t have to, at least not until the return of the changing room. The game was in their players’ pockets in just five minutes and they lost it.

At the beginning of the second period Ferran had a header, but it was Granotas who was scared. Munueira Monteiro did not hesitate to ask Dani Alves to punish Son that Morales turned into an advantage he could not miss, as he earned it by hand. Three minutes later, he returned to the eleven-meter mark due to an elbow injury from Rick Garcia in a fight with Roger. The gunman wanted to throw it. It was going to open the match in the channel, knocking out Bara and continuing to keep the dream alive. It was all in his shoes and the ball, with a shot of little confidence, ended up in Ter Stegen’s hands.

And then, everything changed. Xavi activated his bench and gave free rein to Pedri and Gavi. Bara turned and started having fun. How not when these two players are on the field. The Canary was the hero, something that is no longer a novelty. He teamed up with Dembele to set up the equalizer for Aubameyang. As if that wasn’t enough, Gavi slipped to the baseline to offer a ball in the heart of the field, which was sent with a touch to the credens as far as it was impossible for him to stretch. It seemed that the worst was over.

Barra had lost the entire first half from start to finish, but corrected his mistakes at the right time to deal an emotional blow to Levante. This is not the same as being overwhelmed by a playful and superior opponent capable of being passive and embarrassed.

However, when it looked like everything was written, referee Munueira Monteiro again appeared from Lenglet to see the penalty for Dani Gómez, who had just entered the field, which Melero missed this time. Historically, Bara was subjected to a maximum of three penalties against him in a match and it did not mean that he had lost.

When the tie already left Azulgrana without second place due to a late reaction and barely serving Granota to retreat morally, Jordi Alba finds the giant Luc de Jong’s head and Barra very sweaty. Appeared in the race to win. The Orioles haven’t been a friendly zone for a long time, but this turn of genius knew how to easily run away from that influence.

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