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Pedri, a ‘Golden Boy’ shattered after being squeezed in the Bara and the National Team

Pedri, a 'Golden Boy' shattered after being squeezed in the Bara and the National Team

The canary, who has already suffered two relapses from his injury, played 68 games last season

Pedri, in the last European Championship.JM VIDALAFP
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The effort, sometimes, has its just reward. Others, in turn, passes a terrible bill. That is something that Pedri can be very clear. Clear. On the one hand, the vortex he experienced in the 2020-21 season, after becoming a key player right off the bat and despite his youth. First for the Bara de Ronald Koeman and, later, for the absolute Spanish selection of Luis Enrique and the Olympic team of Luis de la Fuente. All this has led him to become a more than fair winner of the Golden Boy, an award that is practically considered the Golden Ball for young people under 21 years of age and that is awarded by the Italian newspaper Tuttosport since 2003.

However, Pedri is still paying harsh consequences in the form of muscle injuries. He broke the cudriceps in his left leg in the first match of this Champions League, against Bayern; relapsed after forcing against Benfica in Lisbon; and now he should be practically one more month off after suffering a new relapse in his physical problems last week.

Pedri is nothing short of tattered. Not surprisingly, he combined 52 games played with Bara with ten more played with the Spanish national team, six of them corresponding to the last edition of the Eurocup, and six more played with the Olympic team at the Tokyo Games this summer. In the Eurocup, he also had to live six extensions, to which would be added two more of the three that took place on the way to the Olympic silver medal.

Insufficient rest

After that authentic palizón, which caused the networks to be flooded with humorous comments about the terrible physical wear that the canary was enduring, he barely had a moment of respite. Koeman He considered it basic and made him play as a starter in the first two games of the Bara League. Then, at last, he had a short leave. On the way back, however, everything began to go wrong.

Against Bayern, in that premiere in this season’s Champions League in which Bara conceded a blushing 0-3 at the Camp Nou, his particular ordeal began. An ordeal that they seemed to overcome briefly to face Benfica in another resounding defeat, 3-0, and through which they have been going since last September 29. If the forecasts end up being fulfilled, he will be recovered around December 22, so he will not be able to play with the Barcelona team again until the day of January 2, against Mallorca. Perhaps, it is possible that Sevilla can be measured, on December 21, in a late match corresponding to the fourth day of the League. Although, in any case, the risks will have to be assessed very well.

For now, yes, you may enjoy more than deserved recognition. For me it is a pride to be the winner of the Golden Boy 2021. I want to thank Tuttosport, to all the members of the jury and the fans who have supported me throughout this 2021 which, for me, has been incredible. And, of course, thank you very much to Bara and to the selection. Also to my family and friends, obviously, and to all those who have been close to me day after day and without whom I would not have been able to win it, said the young Barça footballer through a video broadcast through his social networks.

With this recognition, Pedri becomes the third Spanish footballer capable of winning this award. Before they also got it Cesc Fbregas, in 2006, when he was part of the ranks of Arsenal, and Isco Alarcn, in 2012, when he was still in the discipline of Malaga. On the Barcelona side, meanwhile, Leo Messi He also won the award in 2005 and the Atltico de Madrid, finally, has, like the Catalans, two winners of the Golden Boy: the Kun Agero, awarded in 2007, and Joao flix, who got it in 2019.

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