Home Sport Parabadminton participant Rubn Nova denounces that Ryanair blew up his competitors chair

Parabadminton participant Rubn Nova denounces that Ryanair blew up his competitors chair

Parabadminton player Rubn Nova denounces that Ryanair blew up his competition chair

The athlete, who regrets that he will be unable to coach “in 4 or 5 months”, assures the particular chair is valued at “7,200 euros”

Rubn Nova, on his chair in a exerciseSpanish Badminton Federation

Parabdminton participant Rubn Nova has ensured on social networks that he denounced the airline firm Ryanair for “making mush” the chair with which he was going to compete this weekend within the fourth and final check of the Nationwide Circuit in Jan.

“I will not be able to train for 4 5 months”, regrets Nova, who anticipates his intention to denounce Ryanair for destroying his competitors chair, valued “at 7,200 euros” and obtained by means of a ‘crowdfunding’, he assures.

“My frustration is that I have been training for months for the competition, and now I will not be able to continue training for months,” says the Mallorcan athlete. “Badminton is what evades me from my physical problems. Let’s see how things turn out now. Only the chair is 7,400 euros, then I train, hotel, travel …”, explains Nova.

It additionally denounces that when choosing up the chair “right away” he noticed {that a} wheel was lacking. “After looking closely I realized that there were bent and even twisted parts. I don’t know what happened, because it is made of a resistant material and I also checked it as special luggage,” he stated.

Nova has acquired the help of the president of the Spanish Federation of Badminton Andoni Azurmendi, of the nationwide coordinator of parabdminton, Miguel ngel Polo, and of quite a few folks and entities by means of social networks.

He additionally relates that when he noticed the shattered chair Ryanair staff requested him to file a declare on the airport, however did not inform him anything.

“Although I know that from the company they have seen my publications on social networks no one has contacted me, nor has they been interested in what happened and I am very disappointed,” concluded Rubn Nova.

Reference from elmundo