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Pajnik’s Second Life: “He Still Has a Privileged Eye for the Game”

Royal Society – Barcelona (d / 22.00)

Recruited during the darkest phase of Bartomeu’s mandate, the Bosnians aspire to replace the suspended busquets in Anoeta.

Pjanic warms up with Barcelona.noorphoto
  • memphis depot From Barcelona’s post-Messi franchise player to oblivion

In Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper they say that young people pay special attention mirelam pjanik (2 April 1990, Tuzla, Bosnia). He’s not one of those who sweat the most, but he’s nimble, alert and his booty rarely fails.

“He doesn’t need to tell you where you want the ball because he just puts it on the spot without saying anything”, he explains to Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. “People have forgotten that for many years Pjanic was one of the best midfielders in Europe,” he argues from the Camp Nou offices, where he prefers not to focus on reasons in his days. Ronald Komen He saw no advantage in his football.

However, another source close to the locker room highlights the arguments that led to xavi hernandez To give him a chance, he lost to elite football when, after a disappointing loan to Turkish club Beikta. “Pjanic may have missed things, but he keeps an insider eye on the game. Furthermore, he himself is convinced that he can still succeed at Barca. Those things are visible when A player of his age and despite his role being secondary, comes to training with enthusiasm.

While it is true that training skills can enhance the status of any footballer in the team, the real test must be experienced this Sunday in Anoeta and by Pajnik against the real Sociedad team, which is, well, in the youth. martin jubimendi One of the best midfielders in the league.

after what Sergio Busquets Saw a red card—second in 15 seasons—against Rayo in a disappointing Azulgrana on the first day, who opts to take the position, being the only natural replacement the captain has in the team. either because Xavi continues without looking frankie de jong as a positional midfielder, either because the youth squad nico gonzalezThe coach, who was tested in that metronome position in the preseason, preferred to claim a one-season loan from Valencia. gattuso On the prospect of having a few minutes of quality in the team. Even Xavi believes that, in case of urgency, he can go through the situation Andreas ChristensenWhereby excessive competition in the central position can reduce prominence.

dark time

It didn’t help Pjanic at all to be admitted in the darkest of mandates Joseph Maria Bartomeu, This was Barcelona’s third signing for the 2020–21 season, after Francis Trincao -which Barca club has already sent to Portugal (Sporting Club) this summer- and Matthias Fernandes, which the unit ended firing without even producing it. Pajnik’s case could not escape the government ploys of that board.

Pjanic’s signing for Barcelona was made official a day before Barcelona closed the fiscal year. The motivation for that operation transcended the Games. Faced with the risk of introducing red numbers on the balance sheet, Bartomeu’s team devised an operation that simulated a swap. arthur melo, Thus, the Brazilian midfielder was valued at 72 million (ten in variable), while Barca agreed to pay the other five more than 60 million in incentives for the Bosnian midfielder. The hypervaluation of football players had to generate lush capital gains with all parties winning.

Pjanic had a curious paradox in his first phase as a Barca player. He played all the Champions League matches (except two rounds of 16 matches he was always a starter in which PSG mbappe He led the team), but his participation in the league was completely abandoned (hardly 19 games). He neither scored nor assisted in the 30 matches he played that season. And when the footballer complained, Ronald Koeman condemned him to oblivion.

When his transfer to Besiktas ended, and in an interview with the newspaper brand, Pajnik already let go. He accused Koman of insulting him. And that her efforts to get more opportunities were in vain: «I always trained well, worked out, went on vacation to be in shape, sometimes I went for a run alone … but [Koeman] He gave me the cross from the very beginning (…). He was a very, very, very strange coach. I had seen such management for the first time.

Pjanic, who has just become a father for the second time, stunned Olympique de Lyon by scoring and knocking out Pellegrini’s Real Madrid goal in the Champions League round of 16 (2009–10) who learned the codes calcium At Roma, and who has won Serie A four times with Juventus, he believes he deserves a second chance. or for another life.

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