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Pacheta: “He won’t let the parents or the training session”

The reflections of Valladolid coach Jose Rojo ‘Pacheta’ are of a football worker who claims to have something unusual as normal. They will face Barcelona this Sunday

Coach of Pacheta, Valladolid.F Santiago
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“My father always told me: ‘You work and always lead with the truth. And life will smile at you’. I engraved it on fire. On fire.” Jose Rojo Pacheta (Salas de los Infantes, Burgos, 1968) Does not try to hide feelings from the journalist. Clinging to the memories, he escapes the dialectic artifacts of elite football. Spread optimism without hiding the scars of life. But also of a profession that this Sunday on one’s head Valladolid The Primera who has returned will take her to Camp Nou.

Tell me about your parents.
[Pacheta se toma un tiempo, suspira, y arranca], I always remember him working, and I am close to him. But holding the hand of my late sister. I was ten years older. He died like my mother three years ago. I still have my father, although he is very ill now. I’m an hour and a half from that. Over the years, it’s probably come as close as I can. The memory of my parents is always dear to me. They were rare at home because they were very hardworking people, but I was with them because we had all worked since we were little. We had some cows, a spade and four pigs to eat.
What did your parents insist on?
In work and honesty. Because of my parents, because of the region where I was born, because of the weather and everything that goes with it… That when you act honestly, the problem is with you. The front is not you and that’s why I think I have passed it on to my kids.
Now, in football, do parents behave more like representatives than parents?
Yes, and we were wrong. This is a tremendous evil. I wouldn’t let the parents or the training in. We have to let the child play and play. It is necessary. Now you can’t play in the streets, in the squares, anywhere. If we can’t take football to the streets, maybe we have to take the roads to the academies.
He has been a footballer, a sports director, a coach… What does football give you that doesn’t set you apart?
What it gives me is happiness. It’s the price I have to pay, I guess nothing is given to me to be in the First Division today. I had to go to Thailand, Australia, Poland… a lot of places to grow up. Football gives me emotion. Gives me life it’s sentimental.
and sorrow?
excess. The biggest loser in football is family. The necklace doesn’t authorize me to go out to dinner with my wife and kids. I go home and have to grieve for a few hours until I think about it. I admire those who make it all relative. And you have to do it, because life is more than football.
It doesn’t seem so.
But if the family and environment are stable and there are no health problems or important things, then what matters most to you at that time is work. Football. The loss is very painful. In football there are more unpleasant situations than pleasant situations. However when pleasant people come, they drive away all sorrows.
Do you blame yourself for not dedicating as much time to your family as you devoted it to football?
have no doubt. Every day I reprimand myself for not dedicating myself more to them. Although it’s hard for me to regret my decisions because I feel like I make them wisely, honestly, simply. But it is true that sometimes you give up a lot. Perhaps this is all that drives you to build yourself as a person. I’m still the same woman I was with when I was 21, my kids are still there, and I think the environment is fundamental to a profession like ours. If not, you can’t. Either you understand this work and this passion, or it will be impossible. It is important for many of us to choose the environment well.
Does our society forbid failure?
We are trying to create a human being who can only succeed. We are getting used to it. And we don’t know that every year only one succeeds, and the rest of us fail. Failure is very close to us. We have to admit defeat. We are creating people who have difficulty explaining failure. In my years at Salas de los Infantes, a very small town with a lot of austerity, we grew up in the joy of the street. of friends. I’ll tell you one thing. I think children should be banned in cities till they are 14 years old. We have to take them to the villages.
His figure provokes a certain contradiction. In the final stages of last season, when some thought Valladolid might go up to First Division, you were full of optimism. He seemed to be the only one who believed. Grief took him in?
Whatever I say is because I am convinced of it. If not, you can’t get it. But we all have reasons to be sorry, sad, or bitter. The things that go in must be tried to be separated. But then you should be confident in your work. I try to transmit the optimism of life to everyone around me. And there’s more to this profession, damn it. That we are dedicated to football. for the sentiments of the people. We are not the people who save lives. We give illusions and that’s great. This profession that we have chosen is often very thankless. It’s true that it says a lot about you because you are an important part of these limited companies that are there now. But I try to convey what I believe to everyone. Of course, we have many stories inside. And what you have to do is put them aside and handle them. Nothing else.

One of the most important aspects of football is learning how to survive.
[Deja que pasen unos segundos], Yes, and now more. The other day I was listening to a reflection of Lopetegui. This is going to be a little crazy, this whole football thing. Now all opinions are expressed publicly. Before, those comments didn’t reach you. They were reflections at once. And now one can be heard in Australia as well. We are reaching unpleasant points. I already know a few pros who are giving it up, weary. I try to learn, I try to isolate myself from all this and give importance to the ideas that are important to me.
What do you attribute to this tension?
I don’t think there is more tension than ever, but there are certain platforms where everyone expresses themselves. And it has been shown that they always do it negatively, not positively. That’s what we have to analyze and relativize. I try to separate myself from all this. A ruthless criticism or an exaggerated praise produces a coach or a human being who I am not. I am neither one nor the other. I am who I am, and no one has to prove that to me. No one wants to hurt me. I try not to impress it, but it’s complicated.
Looking for figures with a very marked personality, among all the coaches he had as a player, there is one special person: Marcelo Bielsa.
The person I spent the most time with was Jose Antonio Camacho. But Marcelo Bielsa… He’s a genius. Really. His IQ is high. I don’t think we can explain exactly what he wants for many years to come. He is the kind of person who is able to convince you and give you the kind of physical and mental training that works for him. It would be very difficult for me to convince the player to manage its parameters. I try to do it another way. But it marks a lot. For personality, for aura, for knowledge, for one’s own command of language, for expression… for everything. This made me think a lot. Although I think the collection of coaches we have is us. Like any job, all you can do is learn from your boss. What to do, what not to do
Are we living in the phase of football overanalysis?
It is true that now we handle huge amount of data. But data is data. They should confirm your analysis or diagnosis. I compare this to doctors’ radiological tests, which confirm the diagnosis. If not, what do they need from you? Let’s go to a game. Yes, you can control some of the data in real time, but here comes the intuition and analysis of the coach with the assistants around you. ‘It’s that they have more possession than us’. Does not matter! Let’s go to the essence of the game, the suffering that the player may be in, and look for solutions. Do you handle a lot of data? Yes, what shall we do? Make them relative. We must confirm what we see. Otherwise we would be wrong.
They will face Barcelona this Sunday. What comes to mind?
There were two years when I played with Espanyol, when we were winning in the 85th minute and we lost. I remember drawing only once at Camp Nou and it was with Numancia (1-1, Nov 2000). And, of course, I maintain an indelible memory against Barra. It was a proud moment in my playing career: Three-way tie at Los Pajaritos [aquel 16 de octubre de 1999 el Numancia igual 3-3 cuando perda 0-2 a menos de un cuarto de hora del final contra el Bara de Van Gaal], i scored the third goal [un testarazo a la escuadra en el minuto 95], He didn’t even leave the middle of the field. When I have faced these big teams I have always felt a sense of sadness, pain and anguish. They are very good.
What does Camp Nou broadcast?
I am more sound than images. At Camp Nou, when they start squeezing you, to submit you, it’s overwhelming. In areas that fit so many people, when they catch you in a transition, you start to look… and you say to yourself: ‘If there are five of us defending and in them Three are attacking from ‘. But they score a goal for you. Because of the campaign of the masses, because of its quality… I clearly remember the sound of Camp Nou.

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