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Pablo Ureta, amateur athlete of all time: up to 600 races, 58 Ironmans and three ultras over three consecutive days

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Argentina completes 105, 55 and 15 kilometer trials of Val d’Aran in succession by UTMB

Argentine Pablo Ureta, in full competition.UTMB
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Runs 55 kms on Thursday. Another 105 kms on Friday. On Saturday, the third race, it is a distance of 15 kilometres. And so, a lifetime. A few weeks earlier, in the Val d’Aran by UTMB, the most important of the 3,700 participants in the European qualifying race for the famous Mont-Blanc Ultra-Trail (UTMB), one man stood out: it was Argentine Pablo Ureta, whom he called a Not satisfied with running Ultra, he ran three. Why? Because I like to do these things, briefly summarize. He is used to such challenges. Nor does he worry when leg pains, fatigue, and above all, fullness are mentioned.

I’ve always loved chains. I find that I recover very quickly, I am very rarely injured. I signed up for 105 and then a friend told me he was going to do 55 and I thought, why don’t I do them all? I’d run the longest of them, the 100-mile one, if it were on a Sunday. [empez el viernes por la tarde, poco despus de la de 105], Finally, in these phenomena, fatigue occurs, fatigue also hurts, but the head reigns. If you want to continue, you continue, commented Yuretta, who is not an amateur athlete, he is an amateur athlete, an all time amateur athlete.

At age 43, he has completed more than 600 races, including dozens of marathons and long-distance events, such as his two UTMBs; He has participated in 58 Ironman trials, including his 15 participation in the famous Kona World Cup; And the Resistance has participated in everything from mountain biking to open water swimming, from road cycling to trekking. With crazy months like this July, which I finished in Grindelwald, Switzerland with another UTMB race of 100 kilometers and a couple of half Ironmans.


I started at the age of 13 in my hometown of Córdoba, Argentina, when my physical education teacher invited me to participate in a triathlon. I used to play football like all Argentine kids, but I already loved running, I used to ride my bike to school… I got hooked. I was passionate about triathlon and explored the mountain when I was 18, when I went to study in Switzerland, where my grandparents are from. Since then I’ve been mixing everything up with the simple purpose of enjoying it, Yuretta explains.

Unlike most athletes, amateurs or professionals, who choose one, two or three races as goals for the season, the Argentine competes every Sunday because he was hardly a rested child. He goes to some appointments with the intention of expressing himself more and others less, although in general his level is very high: in Val d’Aran, for example, he completed the first test, a 55-kilometer one. , one of the best 80 . He has finished in the top 10 in several races and has won in his home country on trails such as the Patagonia Run, the Fiambala Desert Run or the Aconcagua Ultra Trail. Rarely is he content to finish. There are weeks in which I dedicate more than 25 or 30 hours to sports, but there are some in which I can only do two or three hours. Work also demands of me. My advantage is that the memory remains in the body after so many years, he explains.

With a degree in Economics and an MBA in International Commerce, he is the owner of a company that is completely dedicated to organizing events in Argentina, such as the Extreme Race, a famous race in his native Cordoba. According to his team, there is enough time for training, and in recent times he has refused to enter new projects for the same purpose.

I have friends who are obsessed with hoarding more money I buy time. I did a lot of kilometers in my youth, now I do less, but I always try to find time to train. Sports is my life for me, so I don’t challenge myself. I don’t prepare to do Ironman or UTMB, just finish it and leave. I compete for the pleasure of doing it, but without the bib number I enjoy it, ending with three long days in the uretta legs. In three batches, he covered a distance of 170 kilometers through the Val d’Aran. A few weeks ago, one of the 3,700 participants of Val d’Aran by UTMB stood out because he didn’t stop, he didn’t stop, he didn’t stop.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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