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Open’s bitterest birthday for Tiger and Spaniard

The champion of 15 ‘Major’ signs a very bad +6 card in an afternoon marked by wind, where Rahm (+1) and García (+3) also suffered losses.

Tiger Woods, Blues, on the Old Course in St Andrews on Thursday.AP
  • Shooting in St Andrews “What some players do is incomprehensible”
  • Rahm’s love for the British “Nothing compares to it”

Bagpipes echoed in the streets of St Andrews from the start and thousands of fans queued endlessly at the entrances to witness the historic 150th anniversary. Scotch Paul LawrieThe winner of the 1999 Open hit, at 6:35 in the bright Scottish morning, the opening shot before a crowded grandstand. Later, the morning session was so peaceful that sometimes the old course was left defenseless.

The yellow roads rumble with each ball boat rolling and rolling to infinity. Of course, the Royal and the Ancient kept the flag as if it were a Numentine defence. In honor of the old course, even more so on the 150th birthday of his tournament. But it was not the initial celebration that everyone had hoped for. the secret that always remains hidden Tiger Woods I was scattered among his scars. No trace of old pike.

From the start, Tiger’s second shot sank at Hole 1, the Swilcon Burn, which crosses Sections 1 and Hole 18. Tiger was not lucky, as his ball ended in a chop. The rest of the day was excruciating pain. The wind picked up in the afternoon with greater intensity and the 18-hole round lasted more than six hours, a tedious anti-show that did not deserve the commemoration of such an important event.

young recorder

Golf’s governing body must do something, because even with the St. Andrews scenery such a spectacle is not salable. Tiger signed 78 shots (+6), equaling his worst card in six Opens played in this scenario (this was in 1995 when he was still an amateur).

Cameron Young He had signed the lap of his life minutes earlier, in the best conditions of the day, 64 shots, an A-8 that could have been a course record had he not missed some clear opportunities along the way. The 25-year-old American took seven . Make birdie In its first 12 holes. Young is enjoying his first season on the PGA Tour, where he has yet to win, although he has finished third three times and second twice. Sleep like a leader after the first 18 holes.

they were not able to take advantage of the light morning breeze or paul larazbali nor adri arnaus, both ended with +3 and +2 respectively. Garka came out in immaculate white colour. first clear opportunity birdie Arrived at hole 3, escaped and swampy In the fourth he returned the ghosts to the head of Castellones, who had the goal in relative control until the short circuit of the 17th hole. drive huge was useless and Approach Short left a tense recovery with a tight flag near the road. Sergio lost again two strokes later.

Seven strokes from McIlroy

The result of all bullshit, a third swampy What a direct blow to the weak mind of the Spanish champion. pass by Board of Eagle At 18, a consolation was too light to wear on Garka’s head and on his card, ending with a +3. Things are not going very well. On the second shot of 17, the ball can’t stay there… I’ll go out, play 18 holes and go home. Now mentally I am in a difficult moment, anticipation.

No wind, no old course. worst enemy of john rahmo In his own bag was: slow down, John started hitting the ball very well, birdie in 3 and 6. But the first half of the lap can be scandalous, sorry Board Very few on holes 5, 9, 12 and 18 bogie They arrived at 13 (with one Tripatio) and another at 15. Board About three meters fell I did not get one in the whole day. total fail 6 Board Between one and a half to three meters throughout the day.

Biscano finished with +1, nine shots to the head and seven shots. Rory McIlroy, Rahm stood in front of the Spanish press and did not want to make a statement after lap one which leaves him off the lead. This Open doesn’t start as an anniversary.

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