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Only Barcelona survives. LaLiga Santander 2021

Only Barcelona survives.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Santander League 2021 – 2022

Royal Society 0 Barcelona 1

Gavi’s commitment to Aubameyang’s goal propelled Barca to second place after a long night

Aubameyang scored the winning goal against Real Sociedad.Jay BlacksmithEFE

faith of Gavic This is not the belief of Barcelona. The courage of the boy from Los Palacios is in contrast to the anemia of Barcelona which only survives. A distracted team, frustrated and unable to follow Xavi Hernandez’s cult. At Anoeta, Barra lost the ball, but won the game thanks to a poor night by Real Sociedad’s strikers. The win puts Azulgrana in second place and extends Real Madrid’s Alerna for at least a week. Football is full of contradictions.

On the second night, an hour after Barcelona lost badly to Cadiz, Pique appeared stretched out on a chair and plugged into his Twitch channel to defend his business with the Federation bigwigs. Backing away from everything, Piku said that he did not want any more money. That he had enough to spend the rest of his life lying on a couch. I drew a special boundary between those who are successful—that is, money—and those who aren’t, to make sure I’ll play football for a few more years afterwards. and are in them. Because, even lame, he remains Barcelona’s best defender.

The team that was dismembered by Eintracht and stripped naked by Cádiz typically lacked Piku, a footballer who is used to hiding flaws and maximizing the qualities of his rearguard teammates. Logic would have implemented Piku’s replacement when, half an hour into the match against Real Sociedad, the centre-back began moving his addict’s hand. But neither he wanted to give up, nor did Xavi want to expose himself to the sinkhole. Meanwhile, Anoeta whistles furiously at Azulgrana, to whom that music is always like elevator music. He didn’t budge when they started throwing things at him. He put his hands on his hips and went about his business. I stayed in the field for 82 minutes.

It may not be an easy game for Barcelona, ​​who have been limited for a long time by the suffocating pressure of Emanol’s office bearers. That the Azulgrana goal came early, yes, gave the visitors some relief in the first act.

The answer was to be found in Gavi’s determination to arrive while his rivals waited. The ball was fired after Dembele’s shot at the post was his only action of merit. And the young squad, faced with the passivity of the defenders, managed to give continuity to the drama involving Ferran Torres. This, after a parallel caress, put the ball on the head of Aubameyang, who only had to move his hair slightly to collect the goal.

Although Frankie de Jong-improved the profile of the left foot-, Ferran and Aubameyang hovered around the second goal before the break, thanks to sporadic attacks as Barcelona’s game warned of a complicated development. Because Real Sociedad, despite the lack of coordination of its rhombus on the axis, had the ball. Because he won the doubles. Because he sniffed a tie which was denied by his own strikers.

There was much more to see how Isaac held the right button after Sorloth left him alone in front of Ter Stegen, who was left halfway out. The Swedish attacker turned his leg and the ball, in an ugly grin, went several meters ahead of the target.

Real got off to a strong start in the second half. This lasted 20 minutes because the problems were already known. This time Srloth suffered, both unable to concentrate under the sticks and to avoid Ter Stegen’s presence. Meanwhile, Eric had to take the field after Araujo hurt his knee. Dest, for his part, relieved Dani Alves, who couldn’t be of much help in his role as a midfielder. Nothing had to be built.

Such was Real’s frustration that neither the entry of the suspect Lenglet, this time gleeful, nor the ten minutes’ extra time given by the referee turned the game upside down. Bara looked at the grass, where he found many problems, into the sky, where he asked for some divine help, and was grateful to have come out alive.

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