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One of Maradona’s daughters suspects the shirt to be auctioned is one of his historic goals against England

One of Maradona's daughters suspects the shirt to be auctioned is one of his historic goals against England

The house of Sotheby’s hopes to raise more than five million dollars for the emblematic shirt

Maradona scored his second brilliant 86 against England in MexicoAFP

legendary t-shirt Diego Maradona The one that will go up for auction on April 20 is not the footballer he used to score two goals in the 1986 World Cup against England in Mexico, but the one he did in the first half of the match. Daughters confirmed.

“It’s not him. I don’t want to say who has it because it’s crazy. This guy doesn’t have it. I didn’t confirm it, he (Maradona) said it. He told me: ‘How am I Gonna give him the shirt of my life?’“, Assurance Dalma Maradona In a statement to the press on Wednesday night.

Former England team footballer, steve hodgehas declared himself the owner of the jersey for 35 years after swapping it with Diego Maradona at the end of the legendary match in which Argentina won 2-1 with goals from Maradona that made history Was.

Dalma Maradona told television channel 13: “This former player thinks he has my father’s second half shirt, but it’s confusing, he has the first one. We want to make it clear so that those who want to buy it so that they may know the truth.”

The jacket is considered one of the most emblematic of football, as Maradona wore it to a game in which he scored the so-called “Hand of God” goal and then another extraordinary one in which he left five opponents on the road and It was considered the “goal of the century”. It will be offered by Sotheby’s and is expected to fetch over $5 million.

Auction house denied Dalma Maradona’s statements, “There was actually another shirt that Maradona wore in the first half, but there are very clear differences from the shirt he was wearing when he scored two goals,” a Sotheby’s spokesman told AFP. “Before putting the shirt up for auction, we did a scientific check to make sure it was what he wore in the second half when he scored goals,” he said.

Sotheby’s also supports its confirmation in the work done by a particular company on the photos of that match and also in the statement about the World Cup that has been collected in the book written by the journalist. Daniel Arachi With Maradona and in which the former Albiceleste captain remembers “giving the shirt to Hodge at the end of the match.”

Steve Hodge has said for 35 years that he exchanged his jersey with Maradona at the end of the game and for the past 18 years it has been on display at the National Football Museum in England. “Until now no one has said this is not the right shirt”A Sotheby’s spokesperson has highlighted.

When asked about the fate of the alleged original shirt with which they scored they scored, Maradona’s daughter preferred to preserve her identity. He assured, “My mother doesn’t have it. I won’t say who has it so as not to expose the person. We can only confirm that it’s not the one they are auctioning off.” “

Diego Armando Maradona passed away on November 25, 2020 in Buenos Aires at the age of 60 from cardiorespiratory crisis.

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