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Ona Carbonell or when mom can also come to the podium: “Before, if you were a mother, they looked at you badly”

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Alison Felix or Serena Williams are some of the stars who have returned as mothers. Spaniard explains his experience

Ona, at the premiere of his documentary.AFP
  • women’s time From Arantex Sánchez Vicario to Alexia Putelas: three decades of Spanish women’s triumph in sport

Mom goes to the podium. This is not a utopia, no more. Not long ago, being a mother meant, in practice, sacrificing to remain in the sport’s elite. In teams this meant the loss of a contract or, which is similar, of a labor right. First the problem is that this right was not recognized as such. A long struggle from athletes has made it common to see a champion come back after becoming a mother and make it to the top of the podium. Alison Felix, although towards the end of his career, he has done so at the Eugene Athletics World Championship. wants to follow their example ana pelteiropregnant after bronze at the Tokyo Games, where she competed after a break to become a mother ona carbonell, They are leading in parallel with changes that, such as those in Spain, are included in new sports legislation, even optimizing training for the breastfeeding period of future babies of athletes. There will be many more.

It should be made visible, as it is still a taboo subject, despite the fact that progress has been made. There are references that have shown that you can fall back, that you don’t have to drop one of two things. But it is necessary to ask for help and change many things. Ona Carbonell, a reference in one of the most physically demanding sporting specialties, explains this newsletter: synchronized swimming.

The Synchro expert wanted to describe her experience in the documentary Start Again (Rakuten TV) to draw attention to the condition of many athletes facing the dilemma of motherhood. I wanted to make sense of it, but I know I did it from a privileged position, with a conducive work environment, a family with economic prospects, a scholarship… but there are women, and not just athletes, among others. Work area they haven’t got that luck.

“Something Minimal Is Needed”

I think some minimal means are needed—he continues—and if I can make some contribution to the fight to acquire them, that’s right. I felt a responsibility to share my experience and thereby pave the way for others facing this dilemma. I would have been a mother before, but the fact is, if you looked, they looked at you badly, they thought: ‘It’s not going to win anymore’. I wanted to try it, show it can be done.

Plus, Ona didn’t give up breastfeeding, as other champions have done to accelerate their returns: it happens, and I certainly wouldn’t criticize them. For example, this happened with Serena Williams. I’ve always thought the best for my son, Kai, because his arrival changes your perspective on everything, and WHO recommends breast milk.

Where to breastfeed?

But if motherhood is already somewhat complicated, then breastfeeding, in particular, even more so. It may not be that there is no room for an athlete returning to training after becoming a mother to breastfeed, the Catalan swimmer continues.

Choosing to breastfeed after childbirth is, in fact, an even greater challenge that, in Ona’s case, has driven the demand to the max, as can be seen in the Rakuten documentary: When you have to breastfeed to the point of maximum physical exhaustion. After 10 or 11 hours, that’s when you start doubting yourself as a mother and an athlete. Hormones are backwards. There were moments—she continues—in which I said I couldn’t. Before the Synchro Pre-Olympics, I had been training for months and I was on the team, but the fatigue was so high that I considered giving up on purpose, I lacked the strength. If I didn’t, it was because I had a responsibility to the team to go to Tokyo. can’t leave them.

Later Mossreached theo, Tokyo a year ago, last June. With two children and age 32, Ona has asked no to the Paris Games in 2024. Right now, whether it’s rejected or accepted, I don’t have time to think about it, acknowledges this champion who has shown that sport’s elite and motherhood are not mutually exclusive.

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