Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: When Geisha Are Theirs

Sports Diary (IV)

Some wealthy Japanese women leave large sums of yen with male hosts in exchange for a night of good conversation with champagne, flirting and often sex.

Journalist working at the Press Center of the Olympic Games.EFE

On the second floor of the Press Center, where the Olympic Committees of the countries participating in the Games have booths, there is an old man working as a security guard. is called kosaka takaki, as stated in your identification. He’s a very nice guy, until the journalists start spying where they shouldn’t and Kosaka gets annoyed and starts cursing in Japanese.

The man, assuming the wrinkles and bags under his eyes are not deceptive, is over 65, the retirement age in Japan for those who have contributed at least 25. Every few minutes, after a reconnaissance walk through his part of the second floor, Kosaka sits down to rest, staring at the ground as to what is happening around him without closing his eyelids.

Kosaka, who worked on the Olympic operation, is not alone in her family. She has a nephew who has been a model in some of the announcements before the Games started. These days he can be seen traveling from place to place with the team that organizes the logistics of buses taking journalists to the headquarters.

we’re going to call nephew yuki. It’s not her real name, but I know it’s what appears on the page of the modeling agency that hired her to work before the pandemic at a host club in Kabukicho, Tokyo’s red light district.

Until the late 1980s, Kabukicho was a historic area of ​​gambling halls, restaurants and nightclubs. YakuzaThe Japanese mafia, turning some of these businesses into places of worship, hand over neighborhoods to enjoy more physical pleasures that would be combined with the taste of drinks and good food.

Then the host and hostess clubs appeared. Places where customers, men and women, pay to get drunk with company and fool another person with a handsome and nice guy of the opposite sex. The night shouldn’t end in a more intimate encounter if the host or hostess doesn’t want to.

Yuki built up a lively recreational clientele and encouraged them to spend a lot of money on his club. Because some wealthy Japanese women leave large sums of yen on male hosts in exchange for a night of good conversation with champagne, flirting and often sex.

“Japanese men are not very attentive and do not show their feelings, but the hosts treat you like a princess. I wanna be pampered and I don’t care how much it costs“, replied the client of one of these clubs in a report published a few years ago by the AFP agency.

The advent of the pandemic and the four state of emergency declared by the government brought these nightclubs to a halt in Tokyo. Now, with the dry law that all bars close after 8:00 p.m., the host business has disappeared. for the moment. Because they will return when everything is back to normal.

Yuki now makes a living working in sports, turned into a Good job opportunities for many youth unemployed due to epidemic who, like the host, take a good salary until the night returns to its full glory.