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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Viral bottle in Tokyo

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Viral bottle in Tokyo

“They won’t sell alcohol at venues or distribute condoms to athletes in the Olympic Village. They’re going to be the most boring sport in history.”

Tokyo Bar minutes before it closed due to a state of emergency.AP
  • Controversy “Stop the Olympics”
  • to arrive A yellow paper, a gymkhana in Haneda and four days in a hotel

Asahi’s ‘drunk’ cows are gathered at the corner of 7-Eleven at the entrance of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo. hong lumo, a veteran Singaporean, is able to sip every pint of this popular Japanese lager in a couple of sips. He does this, as he himself admits, to attract the attention of two Italian girls stationed in opposite corners. He, who is also making his own special bottling with Australian wine, serves on the communications team of the Transalpine country’s delegation to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Hong, between drinks, reveals that he will be covering tennis and basketball matches for a newspaper in his country, as he did at the RO 2016 and London 2012 games.

“They will not sell alcohol at venues or distribute condoms to athletes in the Olympic Village. they will bemost boring game everJoke Hong, who always carries a small notebook in his pocket in which he takes notes from his third Olympic experience.

“Find Family” Yoshinori Sakai“, you can read in one of his notes. Sakai was a Japanese athlete who was born on the same day that the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Although his fame is due to the fact that He went up 163 steps to light the cauldron of the first Olympic Games held in Tokyo (1964).

Those Olympics were special. The figure of Sakai as the final bearer of the Olympic flame was a declaration of peace 19 years after Japan’s defeat in World War II. Post-war Japan first showed its potential as a technological powerhouse by being able to broadcast the Olympic Games via satellite with resources such as live images, ambient sound and slow motion.

barriers were broken The first sport in which women could participate in team competition. And let’s not forget that they were conducted in the context of the Cold War on a geopolitical board, with the Soviet Union sending fighter jets flying over Japanese airspace.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will also be special. It is the first time that a major sporting event has coincided with a pandemic that has killed more than four million people worldwide. After a year’s adjournment, the Japanese Prime Minister, yoshihide sugaThese games are intended to be a celebration of the new post-pandemic era. But the burden of the virus will remain in the memory of Tokyo 2020. Japan has not been able to contain the fifth wave of infections, leaving more than 1,000 infections a day.

living with virus

Last year, without severe restraints or severe imprisonment, the Asian country managed to restart its economic locomotive by learning to coexist with the second and third waves. But the infection rose and fell. There were not two very different and distant mirrors that the Japanese could try to imitate: China and New Zealand, an authoritarian regime and a democracy, but who shared a clear policy of blockade that did not stop outbreaks. , rather they had to be eradicated.

Japan, embroiled in a deep economic recession, decided to continue trying to live with the coronavirus by imposing and lifting restrictions in its prefectures, based on growth in daily infections, and relying on social conscience.

With the viral roller coaster that Japan has experienced during the pandemic, two prime ministers have had to deal. Shinzo Abe , who had to give up on their Olympic dreams after last summer’s postponement, decided to keep a low profile in the fight against the pandemic, closing only schools and some parks. It was working till the end of March last year, the transition had started shooting.

Abe declared a state of emergency for the first time on April 7. In September, he resigned due to illness and took over from his right-hand man and chief of staff, Yoshihide Suga, who focused on reviving a labor market that had lost millions of workers. Their popularity continued to grow until the romance ended just before Christmas, when a third wave hit, leading to a daily four-figure transition.

Then came the fourth wave, the fifth … The Tokyo 2020 Games will be held in a city that is under a fourth state of emergency. Most Japanese reject their own Olympic Games. The hashtag “We are fed up with the Olympics” was trending on Twitter on Wednesday. There will be no big party in Tokyo. Except that journalist Hong Lum could hit with his Asahi ‘addict’ alone.

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