Home Sport Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Village owners… and other tales

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Village owners… and other tales

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Village owners... and other tales

From Turkish volleyball players to Honduran judoka, everyone wants to chat and take a souvenir photo with Novak Djokovic.

Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) handball team player Katya Ilyina in a photo with Novak Djokovic uploaded to her Instagram account.
  • silver medal The Way Between Pain: Lumbago, Dizziness and a Dissected Rib by Maialene Charout

I respect According to the Cambridge Dictionary: “Feel or show admiration for someone.”

Novak Djokovik He has become the owner of the Olympic Village. From Turkish volleyball players to Honduran judoka, everyone wants to chat and take a souvenir photo with a tennis player. The Guardian says that the Serb leaves the hotel where he visits the villa every day to make new friends.

Disappointment According to RAE: “Regrets because of despair.”

As the Dutch cyclist did on Sunday Anemic Van Vleuten He looked excited as he crossed the finish line thinking he had won a gold medal along the way. Then they told him that the Austrian Anna Keisenhofer had come before him.

It is a shameful thing. According to the Oxford Dictionary: “A feeling of loss of dignity because of a mistake or insult or humiliation.”

Some Iranian newspapers put the same sentiment on their pages on Monday about being a Taekwondo player nahid kiani I lost against the dissidents of the Olympic refugee team, Kimiya Alizadeh, who fled Iran, fed up with the persecution of women in her native country.

cyber bullying. According to Wikipedia: “The use of electronic media to harass and harass an individual or group.”

wang luayaoThe Chinese Olympic shooting athlete received several insults from her compatriots on Chinese Twitter Weibo on Monday after finishing last in the women’s air rifle qualifier. But Beijing’s blasphemous machine, accustomed to using its digital troops on Weibo to quash criticism of the regime, this time used its censorship powers to remove several comments attacking the athlete and sanction 33 powerless users. used. Post on social networks for 180 days. .

swiftness. According to the dictionary of “Great Angry”.

Screams of Fury in Chilean Taekwondo Fernanda Aguirre When on Saturday he had to withdraw from the competition after testing positive for Covid. He was vaccinated from April. Disappointed Olympic dream. Now you are passing protocol isolation without leaving a hotel room.

“I couldn’t stop crying when they told me. My dream was to compete. I spent years preparing for these games. All my efforts were in vain in an instant,” Aguirre says from his imprisonment.

Two South African male U23 footballers were from the Olympic Village who tested positive five days before the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony. Overall, the entire environment surrounding the Games, including athletes, members of technical teams, competition referees, Japanese operations workers. and journalists, 148 infections have already been detected.

But don’t think that the atmosphere among those recognized in sports is a cause for concern. To tell a British journalist that the other day, while smoking a cigar in the smoking room of the press centre, he said he was ready to “suck up the Japanese railing” to prove that the virus is a long story. There have even been denials from the Olympic Games.