Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Van der Poel, the genius of a thousand faces: from yellow on Tour to candidate for gold in 'mountain bike'

The Dutchman wants to be the leader of the cyclo-cross arc and Tour de France, an Olympic mountain champion, in the same season.

Van der Poel, last May, during the World Cup Test.@matthieuwanderpoel
  • Tour de France Van der Poel signs the final and brutal madness with an attack 200 km from the target
  • Mountain bike Rocco Garca wins by setting Estella on a Games medal

They say there are athletes who get tired of winning, orphaned by goals and inspired to know themselves as the best. they don’t go together Matthew van der Poela. Not because he doesn’t have trophies on the wall where they hang, among others, four Arcoris cyclocross world champion jerseys and a yellow jersey. Tour de France. almost nothing. The Dutch are runners of great opportunities and shine wherever the cameras are. The Olympic flame is the one that shines the most and van der Poel wants to hold it. A unique rider who would also have been one of the favorites for road events on Mount Fuji.

grandson of Raymond PaulidorHe has thin enough rims this year, able to change the saddle whenever he wants. After a brief respite after getting off the tour train, he goes Tokyo With legs refurbished for Olympic gold and ready to battle circuit roots and impossible jumps Mountain bike Of isu. Because, when the locomotive works, it works against the same alejandro valverde against whom Nino Schurter, the king of the ‘fat’ wheel, who, like Mercian, wants to shoot his last in Japan.

Although it sounds like a fantasy, van der pole It is a multi-purpose tool and the great shaker of the world tour. The film is directed and produced by him, with his inseparable vout van erte Go hand in hand, with whom you defeat copper in cyclo-cross arena in winter and fight to achieve the bravest gallop in great summer tours. Such is a miracle for new cycling fans and a nightmare for experts, who are left speechless when a runaway horse passes them on the right.

a different ‘child’

Undoubtedly, though compared to the batch of teenagers who are a few years old—26—who are sweeping the professional circuit, the Dutchman can feel part of this generation that doesn’t know about holidays or parties. The child-led platoon is characterized by an era that was previously unsuspecting and its preparation is as thorough or more elaborate than that of the established champions.

So much so, that late last year, when mortals were returning to deliver their first pedal stroke with the sport’s distant pinnacle on the horizon, van der Poel was already picking up trophies in the cyclo-cross arena. The day after Christmas, away from champagne, he was succeeding husden And doing more in the new year sven nisso Belgium, where the sport is a religion.

If there’s anything to spare, it’s energy, but any champion needs a break before a big moment of form and the Dutchman is no different. If there’s something that’s special to you alpesin-phenix This is because of an excellent sports and marketing organization and, knowing the results, they did not hesitate to keep it. big bouquet Unless Tadej Pogakar It gave its first yellow paw. With the prestige and financial recognition that comes with a great Olympic victory, van der Poel has three full weeks to get used to the suspension again and is on his way to Tokyo with full force. There are many unknowns about his performance and it is that in the last three years he has appeared in only seven World Cups. Mountain bike, but the results speak for themselves.

The adage of ‘the one who squeezes very little’ doesn’t respond to this sprinter, as in those seven appearances he has won three and on two more occasions finished second, which is one of the great dangers to beat. His last race at the German circuit in Albstadt ended just behind the Dutchman in the second box on the podium. tom pidcockmilf british spirit INEOS, who will join the party with another mode change.

career like no other

In the shortlist of favourites, Switzerland stands out shurter You Mathias Flickger, the current leader of the World Cup, in addition to the French do Jordan Saru Victor Koretzky, great expert in terms of technology. Van der Poel at the other end is at rest when the engine turns close to red and the track pricks. It also cannot be denied that in Izu he will break along the way and tighten the rope on the first ascent, where a long climb of grass awaits as the first appetizer of the battle for glory.

The game is a different date and any setback in this game tears the favorites apart during their hour and a half of misery. The road is two-way and otherwise tell Carlos ColomaRo, the eventual Spanish medalist, came with bronze in 2016 with very little at stake. This is the situation he finds himself in David Valero, the reigning champion of Spain and with all the confusion to follow the path of who is now his manager BH Temple Cafe. The Granada-born knows the track well and doesn’t rule out VDP for the win: “It’s a very technical circuit and hot spot with speed. It’s very explosive, with very little change of pace and power. The case is tough.”

Van der Poel has too many horses, he has to change his mindset big bouquet And master the fiercely demanding races. The national representative at the Japanese event confirmed, “The first 15 will go very fast because we all want to do well. He has the technique and will work hard to make up for his shortfall.” Many may already tremble.

Van der Poel finished second on Nove Mesto na Morave’s goal.@mathieuvanderpoel

Amidst the astonishment and respect of someone who knows perfectly well what he is facing, valero Describes a character with no obvious holes in his resume: “He won’t have a bad time. In the end he’ll go up pretty fast and that’s how he’ll recover soon enough and he’ll have reflections along the way.” If he lacks problems in games, Mental also seems to have covered for the Dutch. “Going to the Games already gives a lot of peace because the pressure from the media is unbelievable and it can take its toll on those who go first, but van der Poel will have no problem,” reflects the Spaniard.

Whatever happens to the Colossus dressed in orange, the Andalusian also wants to carve a place for himself among the best, as he has already shown in the World Cup and faces the appointment with all the guarantees: ” I want to fight for races and win or be in medals. If that can’t happen, go for diplomas, but we will go for all of them.” The land of the rising sun meets them Mountain bike On 26 July and the genius van der Poel will catch all eyes. On the road, in the sand or in the mountains, the show is guaranteed.