Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: USA's historic defeat against France in its premiere Historic

The US team fell (83-76) In the Olympic tournament for the first time since the 2004 Athens semi-finals.

McGee and Durant after America’s defeat against France.APAP
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France i beat this sunday United States of america In his Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 (83-76) and forced to fit in, the seams of a US team made in March were exposed His first Olympic loss in 17 years, ever since he fell in the semi-finals of Athens 2004 against Argentina.

Like the Emperor’s garb, the Gallic costume showed that ‘Team USA’ was naked, or at least not well-stitched, to face a first-rate duel, with several last-minute changes and three players. , the NBA finalists, arrived less than 24 hours ago. One of them, the Milwaukee Bucks champion jury holiday, was the best with 18 points.

led by a brilliant Ivan Fournier (28 points and 4 rebounds), well supported nando de colo (helps 13, 5 and 5) and with the good moments of Rudy Goberte (14 points and 9 assists), they Vincent Colette Has endured the personal onslaught of players of a team with brightest stars and stripes, who accused their leader Kevin Durant (10 points), was accused of fouls too early, and did not know how to play a tight finish.

Thus, the NBA All-Star team is on a stage with a perceived NBA look, not only in the light of the Saitama Super Arena, but in the continuous music at each interruption of the game, and even with that kind of background noise. fell. Duel, as a kind of replacement music thread for fans stolen by the pandemic.

Perhaps influenced by the atmosphere, France tried to play the United States as it were too: practically without defense. There were no fouls in the first quarter. severe punishment and bomb adebayo He did not wait (11-18, min. 7). Colette shakes the quintet, put the kilo in the paint Mustafa Fall, and even though jason tatum He had to put 13-22 on the run to bridge the gap to close the quarter 15-22.

Faul’s good work seemed to revive the French attack, which again came into vogue, but at the same time Damien Lillard Succeeded: He scored two triples, which he had previously failed. Durant fouled a third and was forced to go to the bench, allowing Gobert to go under the rim without protest (33–37, min 16).

The diversity of resources in the United States meant that any jam in scoring had a new rider: before tatum, now it was Zach LaVine, a third in the mat with a hand and a run ended. 37-45 at halftime was not bad news for France, but injury guerschon yabusele, who withdrew in pain from his left knee in a knee collision Holiday. Fortunately, the new Real Madrid player was later able to play again.

Fournier, boiling

Boiling down to ten points in four minutes, Fournier took advantage of Durant’s fourth foul to put France on the road. Vincent Poirier Same (52–52, min 26), de Colo pranked before a lukewarm North American defense and Thomas Hertel He ended it with a triple which made it 62-56 in the absence of the final quarter. The partial was 25–11, a first-rate Gallic challenge to the almighty United States.

Holiday, an NBA champion, has to come to save the American team, which is like chris middleton You Devin Booker It was practically from plane to field – they arrived less than 24 hours early – to save the team from the stars and stripes by scoring baskets of all colors: capturing triples, individual fouls, lay-ups, rebounds.

Bucks made up a fraction of 1–13 practically alone, from 62–56 to 63–69, which led to G. restored the peaceReg Popovich, generally hierarchical type, immutable with or without spectators as in the Super Arena in Saitama.

But France didn’t give up: they brought it back with 2 minutes to go 72-74 between Yabuselle, Batum and Fournier. A plug from Batam to Adebayo paralyzed the American replica and Fournier hit a triple to advance the French squad (76–74). In the American replica, neither Durant nor Holiday scored their triple hits, and the play ended with Yabusele on the floor.

United States Small. Shooting failures, errors such as a non-player-like Lillard kick to avoid a steal by Fournier, opened a defeated team to his fifth foul without Durant, and in which the calm Popovich also ended up resisting a volunteer of the Games Gave. . The American technician will have to do a lot of sewing if he doesn’t want to return from Tokyo 2020 with a star uniform and torn bandages.