Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: unrest in the Czech Republic following an outbreak among many of its athletes that points to a doctor's refusal to delegate

“I don’t like it at all, I don’t know what happened. We tried to convince people to get vaccinated and there were no doctors. It’s unfair to the athletes,” lamented the Czech prime minister.

A volunteer from the Tokyo Olympicspetros giancorisAP

Czech delegation of Tokyo Olympics detected six cases of covid causing a great discomfort among its athletes who point directly at them Dr. Vlastimil Vorasekwhich, according to local media, will not be vaccinated.

are among the positive cyclist Michael Schlegel,player of Beach Volleyball Marketa Nausch Slukova and his partner Barbora Hermanova.

in addition his Coach and husband Simon Nauscho had tested positive earlier in the week, as well as another player Men’s beach volleyball team, Ondrej PerusiC.

Similarly, the results have been infected table tennis player Pavel Sirusek and the delegation physician, Vlastimil Vorasek, who was Czech delegation’s first positive will be announced upon arrival in Tokyo.

According to the country’s press, the doctor will not be vaccinated, something that the country’s prime minister has confirmed. lady babiso, She What happened has been described as a “scam”..

“I don’t like it at all, I don’t know what happened. We tried to persuade people to get vaccinated and the doctors did not agree. injustice to athletes“, has lamented.

A spokesman for the Czech Olympic Committee, Tibor ओलंपिकlfoldi, asked by AFP, did not want to confirm or deny whether the doctor has been vaccinated.

“The situation is serious, but ever since the problem was detected, We have done everything possible to stop the spread”, explained the head of the delegation, Martin Docter.

The Czech Olympic Committee has opened Possible contamination investigation on charter flight Which took the athletes from Prague to Tokyo on July 16, including six infected.