Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: This Tokyo Olympics is the park of rogues: technicality, heat and a qualified cop

From street to game. Skateboarding and 3×3 basketball have made their debut in the Olympic program.

Brazilian Giovanni Viana during the introduction of skateboarding as an Olympic sport.Reuters

Aomi Park security controls have a strange rule that is often repeated in many Olympic venues: Anyone who passes a scanner with some liquid in their bag must try it on before entering the venue.

– It’s just a bottle of water.

May be poison. Come on, give him a drink.

The temperature in Tokyo Bay is 34 degrees. The shirt is already covered in sweat after a 25-minute walk from the skateboarding track to the 3×3 basketball court. Water, although it is not as cold as it has been in the backpack for a long time, penetrates quite well.

-Can I come?

-No. You also have to try the curd that you take with you. It is a liquid yogurt and may contain poison, contain some explosive material or alcohol, which are also prohibited. Sorry, this is the rule.

Japanese policeman tries to be serious. But he ends up laughing. In that case one would think they were hesitating if it weren’t for the fact that the Romanian journalist who came later is also made to take a drink from a can of orange juice in his pocket.

“It’s crazy. Maybe they think I have a bomb inside my juices that I’m going to throw at the players,” jokes the Ukrainian who is going to cover his women’s team’s match against Italy. Before that, it’s a Japan-Mongolia opening Sunday on a game day that makes its debut on the Olympic stage.

attract young audiences

From the streets to the Tokyo Games . Whoever reaches 21 wins. Like in the school premises. Basketball begins in a three-on-three format with a technical background music as they play in the gym during spinning classes. In the absence of spectators in the stands, at least the music cheers up a little. Because except for Japan’s No. 3 triples on the track, stephanie mouli , which plays in the National Basketball League – its country’s classic – there is nothing more to see.

3×3 basketball court at Aomi Park before the start of the game.Line of control

It’s even better to head out to the Press Room, which also offers free peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate bars. The pork and egg ramen they serve for eight euros doesn’t look bad either. You can eat on a table with a transparent separate screen to prevent saliva droplets from spreading when you stick the noodles in your mouth.

In the most interesting match of the day, surprisingly, tournament favorite Serbia beat Poland in this 3×3 preliminary round. A sport that has a place on the Olympic program because it was intended to attract – via television – a younger audience that prefers more mobility and fewer interruptions on the field.

The bad thing about TV is that viewers get lost in how a Russian photographer, after his team’s loss against Belgium, takes off his mask, throws it on the ground and pats him, Which astonishes the poor Japanese volunteers. Don’t have the guts to get your attention.

“No Skating”

Leaving Aomi Park, the Yurikamome Bridge connects to Ariake, another new park built for the Games, where another sport along with street culture, skateboarding, also made its historic debut at the Olympic Games.

Very close to the headquarters, a Japanese sign wonders hanging on a fence. The translation is: “No skating.” It is a few meters away where it is dedicated to this “skating” as an Olympic sport. Although the practice of skateboarding in the street usually doesn’t do much favor to residents of the parks where children usually ride their circuits.

Skateboarding at Tokyo 2020 has two themes, both male and female: street and park. The first mimics the slopes and sides of roads, and the second is a track with unevenness and curves. Four Spaniards will pass this test.

Competitive skaters are too young. And they get a good hit against the ground jumping over the railing. But they wake up as if nothing has happened. No one usually wears the badge of their country. They dress like they’re in their neighborhood park, so it’s hard to distinguish nationalities when you take your eyes off the marker screen.

wonder at the rostrum

The press box for the men’s street skateboarding final is filled with American journalists hoping to write a nice winning profile on his compatriot, world number one. Nyjah Huston, who eventually finished second to last and the first gold in skateboarding in history will go to a boy who competes at home, yuto horigome.

Like skateboarding and 3×3 basketball, there are three other sports rookies at the Olympics: Surfing, Baseball and Climbing, which is located in Aomi, just behind the basketball court, though it won’t be released until August 3.

Go back to Mini Basketball to see how the girls of the United States play. It’s the afternoon shift, but the same police continue to make journalists and photojournalists taste the drinks they put in their bags.

-Do I have to give my water bottle another drink? It’s the same as before.

-s. You may have left the park and poured poison into the water.