Home Sport Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Swimming’s new Valkyries arrive from Australia

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Swimming’s new Valkyries arrive from Australia

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Swimming's new Valkyries arrive from Australia

The new generation of swimmers are a threat to Ledecky and the other supremacists of the final cycle. Titmus, better known as the ‘Terminator’, leads a team that has prepared in the Covid bubble.

Emma McKeon, in the series 100 Butterfly.Charlie RiedelAP

The great swimmers of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), known as ‘The Valkyries’, turned into a state doping laboratory that gave birth to champions who were exposed by the fall of the Wall and the declassification of Stasi documents. They were indeed victims of the system. Barbara Krause, rica reinisho, Cornelia Ender Or Kristin Otto They marked an unattainable and undesirable time, largely reproduced by China, which imported its methods and paid its doctors years later. On the other hand, the Valkyries that appear in Tokyo do not have a face of disbelief. Smile.

They belong to an Australia that has created its own sports bubble during the pandemic especially to prepare for the Olympic event. Success will result. Bet. Appeared at the opening of the Olympic Aquatic Center Emma McKeon. But she is not alone and neither is she the best. There are other people with him, who are led by terminator, what they call Ariane Titmus, the only one who is able to cross To express Ledecky, You Kylie McKeown, the best espaldista of the moment with 19 years. Tokyo may meet the relay of the generation that has come along miria belmonte.

Emma McCann was quicker in her series of the 100 butterfly, sharing time with the Chinese zhang yufei (55.82), compared to Swedish Sarah Sjostrom In you (56.18). It was only to make contact with the water, but the way of doing it and leaving the pool says a lot about the state of mind the Australians have come up with. There is optimism on his face.

pandemic preparedness

they have reasons, after time they left in their tests Selection for the Olympic event with the world record (100 women’s backstroke), four and five nationals from the Commonwealth. An explosion in which you don’t have to look for dark causes, even though skeptics were the uncomfortable relative of the very first record. No, Australia has acted quietly, taking advantage of Covid to accumulate a lot of internal work, because going outside to compete was impossible, and it has also forced its swimmers to use hyperbrick cameras. He hopes to pick up results in Tokyo, but not only later, at the World Cup and Paris 2024 as well.

Although he comes to Japan with an excellent male butterfly specialist like Mathew Temple, it would be difficult for him to bully the record-keeper Caleb Dressel. Not so in the case of Titmus, who at age 20 already knows what it is to defeat the tyrannical Katie Ledecky, who aspires to increase her dominance in Tokyo from 200 to 800.

American long-distance runner, a wonder, nothing like a man. Titmus defeated him in the free 400 at the Gwangju World Cup in 2019. In tests Prior to Tokyo, it was close to the US record, with 200 . also had a record worn by Italians Federica Pellegrini, and beat the National 800 (8:15.57). terminator its t On fire.

Emma McKeon, who we saw opening Tokyo Pool with Butterfly, swam 50 free, test in which she fell by 24 seconds (23.93) tests. At 27, he’s already matured as a swimmer, so it’s important that now, having planned this season, he’s got one of his best moments. his compatriots Kate Campbell He touched the wall a hundredth (23.94) later, in the month of June, at the very close of the Games, to achieve the season’s best two records.

Certainly, more is expected from Kylie McCain, who at 19 is already one of the stalwarts of current and future Espaldists. He has added 200 back to his Olympic program. group in tests with 2:04.28, the time with which he improved his national record to three hundredths. Nothing compares to the world record that he left in the 100 of the same specialty (57.54), which was . was in possession of Regan Smith His progress since 2019 has been seen in the months in which he has cut his record till he reaches this record, which will not be the last. The future of the New Valkyries begins in Tokyo.